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Dear Chuck,

Thank you so much for my baby boy!! I could not have asked for a better husky.

He's not completely potty trained yet, but it's getting less frequent.

Husky camp is the best rescue organization I've ever worked with.

Thank you so much, he really has changed my life!

Hi Chuck,

Scarlett is a wonderful dog; she has changed so much from when we first got her; she was miss wild thing ,looking for a chance to escape, independent, self sufficient. She stays by our side all the time and loves to get pet & cuddled. She's in excellent health and weighs 54 lbs. She loves to take us for a walk. She is totally domesticated and loves hanging out with us indoors & out. She even tolerates our cat; they're not the best of friends, but accept each others space, and existence.

Every morning & when we get home from work; she greets us happily with her howls and wagging tale. She's happy being the queen of her domain and getting all the attention. She's a sweet wonderful companion; doesn't bite, doesn't bark and she loves everyone who comes to the house. Thank you for your hard work and bringing Scarlett to us.

Ben & Vera
Hey Chuck and Jon

I know that Priscilla has been keeping you updated, but I thought It was time for you to hear from a voice of reason!

Things have really settled down here. Everyone (including the humans) seem to be getting more comfortable with the routine, surroundings, and each other. Some notable points are that:

There are still tensions between Nika and Madison, but they walk very well together. Yesterday a group play session turned into a fight between Madness and Nika. Nika reacted abruptly and defensively to an innocent effort to play by Mad Madison was startled and and it was on. The fight consisted of them both locking forearms, rearing up with a couple snaps. They both froze mid-snap, w/ jaws agape when I hollered "enough". They both retreated easily and that was that. This tiff Nika is quite clear about how much she will tolerate from Madison, and Madison seriously tests her limits but complies.

I really feel good about Kai. He's still getting to know his own strength. He is using the dog door along with everyone else and has has had NO potty problems for quite some time now! His coordination walking has improved VERY noticeably, and his hind legs have actually become more toned and straightened a bit (more on his toes, not so bent at the "heels") Aaand, get this, he now eats on his own and is comfortable snooping around the yard solo. I'm actually pretty surprised at that. He has also stopped growling when we are greeting/ petting him and the others crowd around. Partly due to our "that's it" walking away response, but I really think that his comfort/confidence level has had more to do with it. His newfound confidence is really remarkable.

Well, Luka is just as cool as ever, though he and Madison have struck up quit a play relationship, Nika doesn't approve.... He seems to be content pretty much anywhere---particularly a bed of dirt made from one of my favorite potted (past tense) plants in the back yard............

Madison or Maaadisoooon....
Madness is still in everyone's business and has endless energy on tap at anytime, BUT even she has settled in a bit and isn't quite so needy and desperate for attention, more confident with her place in the world. She is pretty good about not jumping up on furniture though she does need a "get acquainted" session with the scatmat. Her breath doesn't stink nearly as bad as it got and she's not dragging her butt other than those couple times a week or so ago now. Maybe it was all the stress and drama. There's really a sweet little girl in there that's just so eager. The consistent structure and one on one love have really made a difference. Oh who am I kidding?!? She's still a nut.

Overall they are starting to get the idea that they stop at street corners and don't cross the threshold of the front door until given "cross"....starting to get the idea.... Sit/stays are no problem even for Madison. Of course all of this goes completely out the window if a cat, dog or other small creature is nearby.

I swear--the electric fence is god's gift to Husky owners. We had a possum find it's way onto the back fence the other night and everyone went bananas, BUT EVERYONE was TOTALLY respectful of the little shiny wires....a true test for sure that really put my mind at ease as far as their security.!

I'm afraid that scootering these clowns is in the fairly near future. The websites Jon sent me to are just to tempting. The group hikes look like a good time too. It should be quite a sight, us wearing full motocross gear riding a scooter pulled by Huskys......... In spite of the fact that we adopted Four of these lunatics in one shot, I'm not a complete fool---Safety first!

Chuck, Jon,
We can't thank you guys enough for what you do and the genuine, tireless effort you put into saving and finding homes for these unique animals. I think I've said it to you every time we've spoken, so here goes --I don't know how you do it or keep up, but we're sure glad you do.

I'll be the first to admit that this has not been all roses and sunshine, and I've questioned this decision a few times along the way, but ultimately we're glad we took a chance on these four. Thanks for taking a chance on us. We absolutely could not have done this without the your experience, insight and easy access "Husky Tech Support".

Here are some pictures that I think you guys will find amusing.

Most Sincerely,
Hi, got your message a while back and I'm finally getting around to letting you know how great Whitley has been.  We actually renamed him Icey.  He has been getting along perfect with our other husky(Kayla) and our daughter.  He still has to get used to the cats though.  Kayla was the same way when we got her.  Otherwise he has been very well behaved and even likes to fetch a tennis ball and bring it back(kind of weird for a husky).  Anyway, I've attached a couple pictures.  Thanks



Hey Chuck
we'll we're all settling in pretty well. The newbie has stopped being food aggressive and is actually now prancing about saying... I don't like that... I want more treats.....

Her and Chapin are getting along much better too. They're now in the endless wrestling stage. All they do is chase each other and wrestle. They've totally destroyed our tall candles sliding around on the tile in the house but it's pretty funny to watch.

I know this is also part of trying to see who's the boss when Barb or I aren't right there. If they get a little to crazy we always break it up. But for the most part they're having a lot of fun. There really isn't much snarling just lunacy.

Anyway, her belly looks fantastic and is completely healed. She is very popular at the vets. She just howls and kisses everyone there, including the vet who was poking and prodding her.

Well, I'll keep you updated. I thought I'd send you their latest pic from the playground.

It's a Husky Day here,,,
Thanks again for all that you do!

Paul, Barbara, Chapin and Chelsey

Bella (aka: Belly Rubs or Mama) is doing well, she's still a housewife and the Diva of the house and must be the lead dog on dog walks. We originally adopted her (almost 6 or 7 years ago) for Mejo (red/white male on the far right) as a companion and then almost 3 years ago we added Jacks or Better (red/white male in the middle) to the family. She loves to tan in the sun, have her belly rubbed and demands it, she's very quiet never cries or barks not even a talker but occasionally she may howl and is very frightened with fireworks on the 4th of July. She's always a hit with children who often wonder why she has 2 different colored eyes they are quite entertained by it and of course they want to take her home, she loves the attention and the belly rubs by them. Sometimes I think she has cat like characteristics, funny isn't it?
We are so happy we found Bella and we love her so much, she is very much a part of our family and we hope to have her for many years to come. We're glad to see that many other families have found your rescue. We have tons more pictures but this was the only one on my laptop, if you'd like I can send more.
Thanks Again,
Yvonne and Rene


Hi Chuck,

just an update to let you know Skye is doing very well. He is such a joy, and he loves husky Lily, tolerates Beagle Maddie, and bugs my old dog Nikki.

I got my husband a Dirt Dog Diggler scooter for Father's Day, and he is loving it....the huskies have their custom harnesses with their names on them, and they are still getting used to what they are really supposed to do! Soon as I upload those particular photos I will send to you ...I also have some cute ones in their 'pool', which they love...Skye is always walking in it and 'biting' the water...he is so funnee...
Dear Jon and Chuck

1 month ago my wife and I adopted a beautiful boy husky named Dandy. We couldn't be any happier with our new family member. He adjusted well to his new household and his new sister Sasha who currently resided with us. He was very unsure the first couple of days, but after a few more days of face licking he was definitely sure this was his new home. He still likes to eat out of his own bowl but does not mind sharing the water bowl with his sister. He likes to wait for me to get home and gives me hugs when I arrive. We really owe you guys for all the happiness Dandy has added to our home.

Paul, Jessica, Sasha, and Dandy


Thanks for the call. Codi is doing very well on all fronts. You can see that he's filled out some already. I figure maybe another 5 pounds will do the trick. He weighed in at 58 lbs at the vet the Monday after we brought him home - which surprised me given how skinny he was. The spark we saw at the dog park is even stronger now. They are pretty much inseparable, constantly playing - when they are not sleeping. The attached pictures were taken after this morning's walk. Not works of art, but maybe good enough for your 'success' bulletin board - though Codi was lucky enough to find a home before even having to spend time waiting at Husky Camp. If you had not rescued him, we'd never have seen him. You'll note from a couple of these pictures that Codi has claimed the lounge chair as his cool-down spot after walks - clearly he's no fool.

Hi Chuck & Jon,

I just want to let you know that I really appreciate what you guys do for huskies who need homes--and for people who need huskies! I also want to inform you that Mushka and Cosmo are doing just great. Mushka has taught Cosmo a lot since April, and though they sometimes "argue" a bit, they are still best friends. I'm so glad I was able to adopt them from you, so again, thanks for all you do! Both Mushka and Cosmo have really been wonderful for my other husky, Laika, too. She was so shy before, but is becoming more and more social and playful. And, of course, I don't know what I would do without my little "troika" of huskies.

p.s. I've attached some pictures for you.
p.p.s. I just sent a donation (online) for you through SHRRCA.


Well, last week we celebrated Scout's first birthday with Marc and I! We adopted him from a Siberian Husky Rescue Foundation called Husky Camp. He has been such an amazing part of our life! So, we found a great place called Three Dog Bakery down in San Clemente. We took Cody and Scout down there to pick out some toys and treats. While we were there, they made Scout his very own peanut butter birthday cake! (Talk about heaven!!) So, we came home and celebrated with the guys!

Scout has really come a long way. Originally discarded and left for dead, Scott and Robbi Ringwelski saved him from an animal shelter just before he was put down! I have included Scout's story for those of you who do not already know it. Also, I have included the original photo of Scout from when we adopted him. Looking at him a year ago and the pictures we took last week, its amazing to think he has grown so much and has become such a beautiful, loving dog!

I hope all is well with you and hope you enjoy Scout's pictures. He's a shining example of the miracles of Animal Rescues everywhere!!


Tyler, Marc, Cody and Scout

click here to read Scout's story!


We are enjoying Wyatt so much. He has become such a part of the family. He wants to be close to you all the time and follows each of us around the house. He’d be on your lap if there was enough room. I took him for his first professional grooming last Friday and he turned out looking absolutely beautiful, or should I say handsome. The pictures I am sending were taken after his grooming and he is lying on “his” couch with my girls. He is also getting along really well with our cat now. It just took a little time to get used to each other. We took him to a dog park near us a week ago. He is so easy going he got along well with all of the dogs that were there. I just wanted to give you an update and let you know how happy we are to have him.

Hi Chuck and Jon, June 7, 2008

Just wanted to drop you a note to say hello, and I
hope you two and the dogs are well. Max and me are
fine, and every day with Max is a joy. I really don’t
have anything more I can say about Max other then I
love that crazy Husky. I have attached a picture of
Max with my niece Jessica on the Dody plateau; we are
on one of our frequent hikes into the back country.
Max’s favorite activate is a long hike.

I am going to send you a contribution for the dogs;
how would you like the check made out? Thanks for
helping the dogs,

Stan and Max


Hi Chuck,
It's Chloe...well I was Nika when I left your rescue on March 16th. My new mom renamed me Chloe because she adopted me the day before St. Patrick's Day and it was close to brothers name is Valen after Valentine's Day so she calls us her Holiday babies. I've settled in nicely to my new home. My brother Valen took a little while to get used to, I had to show him who was boss. We still have our moments, but then we make up. I stopped howling constantly when moms gone, I understand she's coming back now...the neighbors were happy :) And the best thing is Mom gives me and Valen free run of the house now while she's gone and we have our very own door so we can go outside to the yard if we want to. I'm sending you some pictures of me. You'll see I've gained a little weight...Mom finally found food that I like to eat and we got my #2 issues all cleared up. I love going to the dog park with Valen too we go at least once a week, except for the last couple of weeks because mom says they closed it for maintenance, but she says we get to go next week. I love my new family...I get to meet Dad at the end of the month, he'll finally be home from deployment, I can't wait! He's seen me on the webcam and already loves me...but I need to meet him first ;) Thank You Chuck for finding me a new home!
(Dustin, Tara, Valen & Chloe)

Chuck and Jon,

Seeing as how we are upon the 1 year anniversary date of our adoption of Brandi I felt I should send you an update. Since having the pin removed from her leg she has settled right in and become the queen of her castle. She is just the sweetest, most loving dog and every day we can't imagine our lives without her. Even though its only been a year, we have a hard time remembering life without her!

Thanks again for everything you do, not just for the Huskies but for the people too!



Dear Chuck,

We adopted Berkely and Bandit from Husky camp after our 12 year old husky Chewie died. Our old dog rosie needed company so we got Bandit, when rosie decided that playing with Bandit all the time was not that much fun we got Berkely.

Both boys are amazing. They run around and play with each other all the time. They are quickly becoming each others best friends and love each other.

We just wanted to thank you for bring these two amazing boys into our lives and we wanted to let you know that they are happy and loving living in vegas.

Love always,

Sorry for not writing sooner!  Blaze and Sasha are doing very well,  

both are dumping a ton of fur right now getting ready for summer.  I  

wanted to send some pictures showing what they've been up to.

Both continue to get compliments on every walk, although Blaze got  

one of the more bizarre ones on our most recent dog park trip.  A  

gentleman about 60 years old or so was very enamored with Blaze,  

telling me repeatedly, "What a beautiful animal, beautiful!".  Blaze 

is definitely an attention hound when we go to the park, although he  

still is skittish around men most the time, preferring to sneak up on  

the ladies and settle in for a "Blaze lean", which usually results in


the woman reaching down and petting Blaze, and then realizing there's  

a dog there and saying hi.

Sasha prefers the four-legged companions at the park, insisting on  

saying hi to every dog before we leave, and usually finding any dog  

with a bit of husky in them for some horse-play.  Both are  

complimented for their good looks and friendly demeanor (the dog park  

we go to in Pasadena on Orange Grove has unfortunately been a bit  

overrun with absentee owners and dogs that are sometimes  

aggressive).  So lately I've had a friend bring over his French  

bulldogs to cool off in the pool and horseplay with Sasha (Blaze  

still is wary of small dogs, preferring dogs his own size to play with).

My attempts to socialize Sasha with neighborhood cats has not been  

very successful.  We have a couple of cats in the neighborhood that  

are dog-friendly, but Sasha's hunting instinct is very strong, and as  

soon as they retreat or run, the chase is on.  Blaze prefers  

squirrels.  Both are well behaved on walks, alerting on (tail flat,  

ears up), but not chasing squirrels.  Sasha did surprise me a couple  

of months ago on a walk when she stuck her head into a bush and came  

out with a mouthful of squirrel.  It was apparently a roadkill that  

got tossed into someone's yard.  She was very offended when I  

insisted she drop it and move on.  It was a classic Sasha moment,  

"Look what I found!".

Attached are various pictures of Sasha and Blaze hanging out and  

about, including some of Blaze's "dens" in the yard, a trip to


dog park, and hanging out poolside.

Thank you again for helping all the huskies out there!



Hey Chuck, I rescued a brother (Chevy) for my Tahoe a while back. I just wanted to let you know how well they were doing. They just love each other. Great buddies, they play and exercise and sleep next to each other. Here are some pictures for ya.

Chevy and Tahoe's Mommy

Jon and Chuck,

Just wanted to write and let you know how Cassie (the kids renamed her, she now goes by the name Sky) is doing. She has settled in nicely and has become a wonderful addition to our family! She is very sweet, and happily greets everyone who comes to the house with a big smile. She is a huge help in the kitchen, keeping an eye on things at all times, ready to clean up anything that happens to drop on the floor. She and our shepherd get along great, they love to wrestle with each other and chase each other around the yard. Sky hasn't gotten into too much trouble, but does enjoy doing a bit of excavating in the yard, keeping the soil nicely aerated.

Attached is a picture of Sky taking it easy on a rainy day.

Thank you,
Hi Chuck,

These are just some pictures of Cavalier with the family. He is the best dog ever and he is really great with the kids. The kids just loved him. Everyday we take him out to walk. We have actually set a schedule for him in the morning around 8 my brother takes him out for about an hour around the area where we live and I take him in the afternoon at 7 after I get home from work to the park for about an hour, sometimes longer since the kids dont want to leave the games there. But I really want to thank you for letting us rescue him, he is the best. I am actually interested in getting him a companion a female I am not positive yet but I am talking to my parents about that and they are very happy with Cavi thats his nick name and they say that if we do get another dog that we should wait until December that way we can find one that Cavi likes and that we like. I have seen that you have Luna on your site and i think she is beautiful but she doesnt like small children but mean while I will continue to look on your site and see if there is any other females that will interest us and that hopefully Cavi likes. Also I want to say that I read Busters story and I am glad that he was rescued by you because I can see the time and dedication that you put into what you do and I honestly wish that there would be more people like you doing this for different type of dogs because it must be a ridiculous amount of dogs and cats being put to sleep on a daily basis. I want to actually go visit you guys so you can see Cavi and see if there is another dog that he might like there. He is great with other dogs our friends have a Lab and a smaller dog thats a mutt and we dont know what kind of dog he is but they get along great.
Well Chuck hopefully we get to see you guys again and find a companion for Cavalier, until next time take care.


Hello Chuck – just wanted to give you an update on ‘Taylor’. She is doing quite well with the cats – a bit excitable when they run and play, but she is doing very well with the “leave it” command. She and Jack are doing wonderful – they both are so happy to have a husky pal!

I just wanted to thank you for all that you do. I also wanted to say thanks for answering my questions and getting back to me via phone. You have no idea how important that was to me. I have worked with a few other rescues, and for a time they left me wondering…they did not return calls or emails. Those bad experiences left me thinking I did not want to get involved with another rescue… But, you answered my call and were available to talk to – I just want you to know that that made all the difference to me, and I am sure others as well that have come in contact with huskycamp.

I wish you and Jon a very blessed Christmas. My hat is off to you! I truly thank you for the work you do and I am very happy that I rescued from the best rescue group ever! I cannot say enough about how you are really involved in the dogs and are ready and willing to actually converse with people wanting to rescue. Keep up the great work.

I wish you and all of the folks that volunteer, a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2008.

I really think you are angels on earth!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart – for a truly wonderful experience in dealing with your rescue – and most importantly – for such a find that I have in Taylor.

Best wishes,
Kathleen/Jack/Taylor and cats!


I don't know if you remember me, but my name is Viking and my new mommy adopted me from Husky Camp 1 year ago. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am doing great in my new home! I miss you, and the other dogs at Husky Camp, but I really like it here. I have a big backyard, and my mom bought me my own Igloo to sleep in. I have a younger sister, Angie... that's her with me in the pictures. She is kind of annoying (she wants to play with me ALL the time), but I still love her. We do so many fun things here! My mommy takes us on walks almost everyday, and to the dog park... it took a while to get used to the park, but now I love to run and chase the other dogs. She also takes us to the groomer a lot for baths... I don't really like it, but she always buys us these really yummy bones after we go. My mommy says that I was so skinny when she got me that she could see my ribs, but I've gained about 10 pounds since I moved here (and, if I do say so myself, I look great). No one knows for sure how old I am (they told us between 3 and 4) or when my birthday is, so my mommy made one up for me. My mommy and I have taught each other some stuff... I taught her not to leave any trash cans in the house on the floor because I like to sneak food scraps from there, and she taught me about having my belly rubbed (I guess most dogs already know about this, but it was new to me). It is my favorite thing now, and I ask her to do it ALL the time. Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate you taking care of me until my new mommy could find me. : )

Just thought I'd let you know Bravo is doing great!  I've had huskies all my life, so I trusted I would love him, but he has a special quality and seems to always be thankful for having a home. In other words, he know he was rescued! I can never thank you enough for Bravo and for what you do. These dogs are angels, and so are you!

Lots of Love,


I met my new best friend, Gregg, around the first week of July in 2005. We bonded instantly. Gregg had a few trips planned during the remainder of the summer, so I was back and forth between my new house and Husky Camp. At the end of the summer, I took Gregg to Obedience School. We passed with flying colors! We were just one of seven that passed with around 40 starting the class. One of the things that we needed to do in class was “practical applications”. That’s when I learned how to play golf! Gregg and I play a couple of times a week together.

It’s now been about a year and a half that we’ve been together, and I know it will last the rest of my life. I am so fortunate! I have been able to go lots of places, from baseball games to shopping (I love Petsmart) to dining outdoors. I have my own credit card for my personal expenses. I also got my own driver’s license, but prefer to be chauffeured around. During the winter, I enjoy the snow when I stay home, but I do get to go to Palm Springs too. I have 3 cousins down there, all poodles, and we all love to hang out together.

My typical day starts off with a walk in the morning. After my walk, it’s time for breakfast before I go to work. After a full day at the office, I can’t wait to get home and have dinner. I am so fortunate to be able to spend lots of quality time with Gregg and lots of other two-legged people.

I haven’t been back to Husky Camp recently, but I do keep in touch. I especially want to thank Chuck and John for rescuing me and finding me the best home in the world!

Lobo, aka “Steel”

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