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 To some people, this may not sound like a success story, but the dedication level of Vicki to never give up once you commit makes it a success story in spite of and because of the "specialness" of  this dog.

For those of you who don't know, I've added to my husky family. A month ago I got another girl, thanks to the amazing rescue folks at Husky Camp. She came to me named Savannah, but she wouldn't answer to it, so I changed it to something two syllable and easier to shout across the dog park or into the kitchen when she was up on the counters. She answers to Sasha now. Also No! Get Down!
and What?! The two of them are getting along pretty well. I am certainly getting quite a bit of exercise.

We wanted to express our overwhelming thanks to Husky Camp for matching us with our Siberian Husky "Paige." We adopted her at the age of 2 more then a year ago. She is thriving in her new home and loves being part of a family. She unpacked most of her bags when she first arrived home after being abandoned and placed at the rescue. After a time she has proven to be an extremely loyal dog never to leave her new loving family. Her hobbies are: camping, playing chase, swimming, visiting dog beach, walks, snacking, napping and hunting small prey (although she doesn't know what to do with them once caught). She endures the long brushings from the kids and playing dress up for the activity of the day. Thank you again for doing what you do in bringing joy into peoples lives.
Sasha  has one of the neatest adoption stories ever. She was brought to an adoption event by Dorie Killmer who does rescue down in San Diego. We loaded Sasha onto our bus and headed out to go home. We made a stop to take pictures of the new dogs for adoption when a man approached us and asked if we had any dogs needing a home. "Only a busload" we told him. We unloaded several of our rescued huskies and the man and his sons settled on Sasha because of her gentle nature. What a lucky dog! This is a fine example of being in the right place at the right time. We were right in front of their house and were able to do a home check and get to know everyone there to include the neighbors.
I just want to say King is wonderful.  He walks so well on the leash.  I have to say though he is a little criminal, stealing food and rummaging through the trash in the middle of the night, but he is still a blessing to our family.  As you can see in the first picture he's smiling to say "thank you for my new home and family."  All of the neighborhood kids love him and the neighbor even takes him for walks in the morning with her.  King has not only gained parents but grandparents also.  My parents love him to death and check on him periodically while I'm at work during the day.  Thank you for the newest addition to our family.
The Felise Family


I just want to say thanks you so much for Mooshka and Nanuk (formally known as: Colby and Juneau) Back in June of this year, I got Mooshka for my dad who moved in with me to keep him company while I was gone (therapy was the real reason). She proved to be perfect for him and myself also. Nanuk was ordered up to keep Mooshka company. She is still a bit annoyed with Nanuk for coming along and getting some of the attention that she was so accustom to having all to herself, but without fighting, amazingly, they are adjusting quite well.They are so beautiful and good tempered, you can't help but love them even if they make a mess with the mud and fur that seems to be everywhere, I think of it as helping me with time management. Thanks again for my two best friends and room mates, unfortunately they don't pay rent!

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