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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to Husky Camp for working with me on adopting the most perfect dog.  Kalianna Kai- Hawaiian for "lovely child" (Kali for short) formally known as Shadow came to me 5 months ago via a San Diego Shelter where HC rescued her. She came with a limp and a tentative but sweet disposition.  I, of course, wanted the "Perfect" dog and was hesitant to take a gimpy one. I took her because she was older and seemed to fit my lifestyle and my options were limited.  How was I to know she was really the "Perfect one", limp leg and all! Yes, I  now think she's perfect and so far very few people see anything but how beautiful she is.  All any creature wants, animal or human, is to love and be loved for all their imperfections. Kali now goes for evening walks with her neighbor's English springier spaniel Wilma, the dog park in Laguna to hunt out gopher's, the dog beach in HB  with her boxer friend Lilly, and to socialize at Starbucks in CDM on Saturday's and Sundays with all the road bike cyclist. She's been to Lake Arrowhead to go antiquing and to chase squirrels. She placed third in obedience class ( there were only three dogs that showed up for Finals nite) and pretty much has become a treat hound- her favorites are the ones she gets at Three Dog Bakery and the one's her caretaker makes, peanutbutter being her favorite.   She can't wait to go to the snow and be the "snowdog" that every kid calls her when they see her. Thank you, thank you, for giving me a great companion, work-out partner and date magnet!  And Kali thanks you too.

We just wanted to thank you once again for Chewy (Formerly Bandit) We searched everywhere and were always told that a husky could not be in a cat home. Well, Chewy loves our cats and they all get along fine. He is a beautiful, smart, and affectionate dog who seems to be as happy with us as we are with him. He loves toys that squeak, although they don't last long because he immediately proceeds to rip the squeaker out. And he is always quick to remind us it is bed time. If it gets to late he will stand by the bed and bark to tell us that it is time for bed! He hasn't had an accident since the week we got him and he is just an extraordinary dog. We love him so much and we thank God every day for bringing him to us. Here is a picture of him at Christmas when we took him to take pictures with Santa! He has a
blast! Thank you again!
Kristen and Alan Martinez


Hi this is Jinx aka Ginger, I would like to tell you thanks for saving me and placing me with my new family. I get to go to the park and run as fast as I can, and I am not hooked to a wire and left alone. I am happy and have a new friend named Shady that I play with. I hope you will be able to help other dogs as you helped me.
Love, Jinx
adopted 12/23/02
Our red and white Siberian Husky, Cinnamon, was lonely for a companion.  We were so blessed to find a sweet, loveable, blue-eyed boy that she instantly bonded with.  Buddy (aka Jig) is a valued addition to our family.  Hes been enjoying going to dog parks, and up to our family cabin in Lake Arrowhead.  He and Cinnamon spend hours wrestling together and cuddling as well.  We send a big thank you to Chuck and Jon at Husky Camp for bringing this big, well-loved boy into our lives!

Well, we have had Maka for almost a year, and I must say, she has stolen our hearts!!!! We changed her name again to MAKA MAKA, which means PRECIOUS ONE, rather than the form that means strong. For she is indeed our precious one. She loves everyone, children, adults, other dogs, unless they attack her. She is one of the most affectionate animals I have ever met---a delight and the love of our lives. Of course we have restructured our house and yard to meet her needs. Very little trouble for such a sweetheart!!!! As you can see from the picture, she is very much at home. Thank you again for making these wonderful dogs available through your rescue work. Sincerely, Michele and Richard

Husky Camp, thanks so much for bringing wonderful Gillian and Seven into our lives and home. Both are such beautiful and amazing little girls. We are grateful for everyday we have with them. Thanks again for saving so many wonderful huskies.

Here's another photo for your "success stories" page. Kai, the red siberian husky front and center, was adopted by us from the wonderful rescue organization Husky Camp in September, 2004. He was skinny and his fur was severely sunburned from living in the desert. He quickly adapted to his new family, which includes his malamute "sister" Teekah on the right. The other two are "cousins" who were visiting for a week at Christmas. Kai (formerly known as "Stingray") is a sweet, affectionate, loyal, well behaved boy who loves the water, running, camping in our travel trailer and curling up on the couch between his mom and dad. We only wish we had the room to take 10 or 12 more rescued huskies. Thank you for providing such as valuable service. Lisa

My fiance and I adopted Mesa about 1 year ago. I am sorry that I haven't been able to write to you to let you know how she is doing. Mesa has become a huge part in our lives. Her and Tanner get along so well you would think they are brother and sister. She is definately the more dominant one, but I don't think Tanner minds. We now call her Princess Mesa because she is just a Ham! We love her to pieces and I wanted to give you some christmas pictures that we got done so that maybe you could put them on your site. She lights up our lives and we just want to say thank you! Happy Holidays- Corey and Leeann

Just thought you's like to see how Bravo is doing one year later....He's just awesome! Thank you so much, Laural

We LOVE our adopted puppy "Blizzard". formerly "Colby or Kobe". He has been a wonderful addition to our family and has really been fun for our other husky, "Niki". We laugh everytime when we think he grew up in a one bedroom apartment, because he is a giant dog now, but full of love and affection. He has eaten all of our plants and toy balls, but we quickly learned to tire him out and then hide what we didn't want eaten! We are so grateful that your organization could bring us to him, he is just the happiest boy at our house. All the neighborhood kids and adults just love him. Thanks again, we are taking good care of him! The Koch family

Hi Chuck and Jon, As you can see from the attached picture, Max has pretty much settled in. I am sure you will be pleased to know that Max has lost much of his enthusiasm for getting out of the yard. I guess he has decided the food is pretty good hear, and its best to stay close to the Gravy Train. Maxwell is a very loving dog, and he also gets along well with other dogs. He likes nothing better then to be wherever we are, and that's great with me since I like having my dog close at hand. He is a wonderful companion, and a good traveler. He got to go to Big Bear this last weekend, and we all had a great time. We are so glade the Max has come to live with us, I didn't realize how I missed having a dog for the last three years. Hope everything is well with you and the dogs, Stan

We wanted to thank you and the Husky Camp folks for what you do. We adopted Soleil from you at Petsmart in Orange a few months ago. The good news is that she has adapted very well to us and to her new Husky sister Sadie. We couldn't be happier, and we think Soleil (now Mattie) is extremely happy in her new home. Thanks again for your important work. Dave and Carol This

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