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Hi, Just a note to bring you up-to-date on Lilly. As
you can see from the attached photos, she's fit right
in with our other dog, Bonzai.

It's been a loooong time since we had a puppy and it's
easy to forget how bored they can get. Her first
demolition job was a box of kleenex - no problem.
Then one day when nobody was home, the dogs have
access to the house thru a dog door, she found the
first of two throw pillows. What a mess!! Oh well, I
really didn't need those anyway!!

Since that incident, they have become outside dogs
when we're not home. We have a large backyard with a
large covered patio. Believe me, they're not

Lilly had her first visit to Petsmart for a bath and
grooming. They tell me she did just fine. Bonzai
goes regularly so they're excited to see both of them
together. Nice group of people work in their grooming
salon. On our way out of the store she made the
acquaintance of a rottweiler puppy, another husky
puppy and a corgi. We had a four-way sniff going, but
nobody got aggressive.

She is a quick learner and has figured out that
relaxing on a walk and not pulling against a
choker-chain makes it more enjoyable. She has relaxed
about her eating habits and will now leave food in her
dish to save for later.

All in all, it has been a great experience and we
would certainly adopt again when our older dog (
Bonzai turns 13 on 9/10/07) passes. So we'll keep in
touch for the future.

Enjoy the pics and thanks again for the great service
you and your volunteers provide.

Gloria and Tony C
She's doing . . . GREAT!!!!! She's such a neat little girl (did I actually use the term "neat"?). She and Clarence mix it up for several hours a day - and she's usually the aggressor! That little thing gnawing on the behemoth twice her size!! Clarence isn't the gentlest guy, but he's very tolerant. Didn't realize how very much he's matured since I got him until there was a new puppy for contrast. Zebby is the happiest he's been in several months - he mostly sits on the sidelines and smiles, occassionally getting involved. House-breaking is going very well, now that I'm somewhat mobile - she totally gets the concept, although she seems to still need to develop the endurance. That said, it's been almost two weeks since she had an issue making it through the night. Nevertheless, as we used to say when I was in engineering, it takes 90% of the time to complete the first 90% of the project, and another 90% of the time to complete the last 10%. The important thing is, she gets it.

BTW, one of the best pieces of advice I ever got (from the Dog Whisperer, of all places), is that we have a tendency to fawn over a new dog ("aawwh, how cute"), rather than getting into training and discipline right away. She's advancing much faster as a result of my using both (don't know about old dogs, but apparently you can teach old humans new tricks). Clarence would have benefited from my having that sensibility at the time (common sense though it may be). Despite my shortcomings in that regard, he has grown into a truly stupendous dog and companion.

The destruction is also tailing off. For better or worse, Maya's been more of an earth child (i.e., house and outside plants), than Clarence's tech bent for electronics. I've awakened a couple times to the Pearly Queen standing on my chest and staring me in the eyes - usually a sign she has to go out . . . :-) She's still on a 5:15-5:30 schedule (you know about that), but so was Clarence at first. Can't wait for daylight savings time to be over, but by then, it should be a non-issue.

Didn't see Pongo on the website - does that mean he's found a good home (I hope, I hope).

Harmonious family pics attached




Hi Jon,

We adopted Cruiser from you in the fall of 2005. He is such a great addition to our family! What a good dog! He stays with us wherever we go and is so good off the leash. I run him 6-8 miles daily and also take him on hikes. We travel up to Mammoth Lakes several times a year, which he loves! Especially in the winter time!

Our children ages 8 and 10 also love to play with him in the yard. He is a wonderful guy and we love him so much!!

Attached are some photos of Cruiser. You may remember the crooked ear.

Hope all is well in Wrightwood!

Thanks again,

Hi Chuck,

Hoping all is well with you and your family. Here is a pic of Jak formerly Cory.

He has been such a treat, he does so many smart and funny things he keeps up chuckling.

He is so loving, we feel like we have had him forever, he has totally won over the hearts of the whole family and friends who has met him.

Just wanted to let you know how he is doing.

Thanks again. All the best,



Well the first week was very trying; everyone adjusting to the other. It took about 2 weeks to get him potty trained but the girls showed him when and how to use the doggy door. Cadie (lab retriever) and "Sox" play all day long. Cj chases and barks at them both. It took us 5 days to get a name for him and look what he ended up with. My grandson Blake just loves him too. Sox is very gentle when they play one on one. Blake sits and climbs on him and in return Sox gives him lots and lots of kisses.
I wanted to send you a picture of Sox and his new sisters.

Thanks again,
Hi, Chuck & Jon:

Well, we've now had Kodi and Niko almost 2.5 years (the two Huskies shot by a rancher on Christmas Eve 2005).

Everyone is doing great! Their job is to walk with me 3-5 miles every morning and with Mark for 30 minutes at night. The attached picture is of the Moo Cow (their stuffed "puppy"), Niko and Kodi after their big morning walk.

They are now 6 (Kodi) and 4 (Niko) years old, and they are the delight of our day. (The Moo Cow was a gift from our neighbors, so is 2 years old...the stories that we can tell you about this Moo Cow!)

We will eventually adopt another dog from you, probably < 1 yrs old, in a few years. These are the best dogs we have ever shared our lives with, and can't thank you enough. I went on your website tonight, and it just breaks my heart how many great dogs are looking for homes.

What can we do to be of help? Thanks for all that you do.

Karen & Mark
Hi Chuck!

I adopted "Corolla" now named Sedona a little over two years ago. We have made it through her fear of me (now she follows me everywhere and greets me with a mad dash and a delightful spin), a TPLO (yes she blew out her knee tearing around our large backyard), a rattle snake bite (we live in the hills and she is ever so curious) and a punctured eye (when she took on the rattlesnake). She survived the bite, we were able to save the eye and miraculously, she can see out of it (the eye doctor calls here the miracle dog, I didn't even know they had eye specialists for animals!). And she is my best friend. I love her to pieces and she loves me back. Not to say her brother, Neecko isn't well loved, he is. He is my husband's companion, although I spend quite a bit of time attending to Neecko as well.

Well, after all that, I wanted to know how to make donations to the rescue camp. Do you have specific forms? An address you would like them sent? Etc.?

And thank you for a special dog, she makes me smile many times a day...

Hello Chuck and Jon,
Pat and I wanted to thank you for all your help with Kodiak. He is a wonderful addition to our family. Kodiak is smart, fun and very loving. Kodiak and Makita are great friends. They make the perfect pair.
Thanks again for working with us, Makita being the "bully", and helping us find Kodiak.
The Lovato's
(Pat, Robin, Makita and Kodiak)

Update: December 2008:
Hello Chuck and Happy Holiday.
Pat and I wanted to drop you a note and give you an update on Kodiak, aka Skylar. He has added so much joy to our life this year,  he is a wonderful and handsome boy. He is in excellent health loves to run around chasing rabbits on our 3 acres. He sleeps with us every night in our bed, sometimes I have to move to the couch, he is a bit of a bed hog. Thank you and Husky Camp for allow us to adopt Kodiak, I could not imagine our lives without him. Husky Camp is a wonderful organization, there is a special place in heaven for you and Husky Camp. Thanks again for helping us to find Mr. Wonderful, King Kodiak.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Pat and Robin
My name was Jacob...I was adopted on January 27, 2007. We believe I am just over 1 year right now.  My new family has this thing for the weather so they renamed me. I am now Jacob's Thunder! My mentor is older Siberian dam, Her name is Lady Storm. She is 9 but you would never know it. We get along just GREAT! We play all day in our big yard.  We have lots of toys and bones to chew on when are human  Family is at work. Lot's of wild birds come in the yard to eat  All day too. Boy are they fun to chase!  

I came to my new home injured. I had caught my right paw in something, And my left elbow also had an injury. My human Mom took good Care with me and I am ALL healed up! I was very skinny too. But with the care of my new family and lots of love and good food I have put on a few pounds. I am filling out nicely my human Mom says.

Before photo

My human Mom and dad take us out scootering 2 to 3 times a week. In case you don't know that is mushing with no snow. Boy is that fun!  We come home so tired we sleep the rest of the day. Here we are with some friends coming in from scootering: Mom is on the far right and ohhhhhhh that's me the red and white! My best friend Lady Storm is in the middle of all us!

My human Mom is teaching me manners for indoors and also takes time to leash train me too. We are working hard together!

As you can see I am progressing and getting along just fine! Here we are my mentor and me in the yard after a bath Just enjoying the sun.

Yeah I am thankful and I think my new family is too : ) Thank you Chuck and Jon for finding me my forever home.

Cyndie, Randy & Family
My Champions
(Lady Storm, Jabob's Thunder, Sunny Kitten)
April 6, 2007

HI. It's been a while since I last wrote to you. I had a terrible chest cold/walking pneumonia most of January and into February, though I didn't miss a day of teaching skiing or snowboarding. With sub-zero temps, it was  difficult walking the dogs early in the darkness and in the afternoons after returning from the ski mtn.  Gohan has gained weight and you no longer can  feel his ribs or backbone. For a while, I couldn't let him off lead, out Trail Creek, because he didn't want to come back to the car; he was having so much fun being FREE. Once, he ran down to Trail Creek Cabin and rolled in some fresh horse puckies...and became the only green and white husky in the Valley! After I gave him a bath in my tub, the whole house smelled of wet dog for two days. This afternoon, I was able to let Gohan off lead, and he had a great time dashing madly about with Tala and Indie, and meeting all of the other dogs on the trail. And, after running behind my car for a block or two, jumped right in. It'll gradually be easier taking him for walks. He didn't know how to play with toys or chase balls, but is beginning to copy Tala. And he knows "b- i - s - c - u - i - t" when I spell it out, and also has learned to "talk"...making the motion with his mouth, but not vocalizing a sound.  He does bark with a high pitched sound when he's excited, but will learn from the other two to be more quiet, eventually. They rarely bark, unless it's to be let in, or they want me to play, etc. We went through a big shedding phase in December and January, butit's better now. Good thing that they developed bagless vacuum cleaners. But on  my black ski pants and fleece shirts, it's evident to others that I have a few white dogs! Thank you for your and all of your volunteers' thoughtful help in helping me obtain Gohan. He's a real sweetheart. Rod


Chuck and Jon,

I'm sure you don't remember exactly who I am, but my name is Jeff Williams and I adopted a beautiful white female husky named Kasha from you almost 1 year ago. She had just been spayed and you met me at Irvine Central Bark so I could take look at your available Huskies. I fell in love with Kasha immediately.

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Kasha is doing so great and is so happy in her new home. She has taken to my male Husky, Nikiski, and won't leave his side for anything. We go running everyday and also go hiking in the mountains as well as to the dog park as often as we can.

I lost my other female Husky to cancer several years back, and can not believe that I could find a dog as sweet and loving as Mischa was. Kasha is her own dog, but is everything anyone could ever want in a loving companion and a true soul-mate for my boy, Nikiski.

I am so grateful for the both of you and your organization. I just got off the phone with a friend who needed to refer one of her friends to a husky rescue group. They too have recently lost their female Husky to cancer and wanted to look into rescuing a dog instead of going the puppy route. I was very glad to be able to refer them to you. I am sure you will be getting a call from them in the near future.

Thank you again for all you do to care, provide, and find homes for these beautiful dogs.



Hi Chuck!

I heard from Chris over at Half Moon Husky, she's getting a new doggie that Spirit and I are interested in :-) I'm starting to think that Spirit may need a companion. He's never alone, but he doesn't really like to play with humans. I think that he might miss having other dogs around.

Anyway, I sent her some new pics of Spirit and thought that I should send them to you so you can see how he's doing these days!

He's a good boy Chuck, but YESH! Does he ever have an iron will !!! He likes to growl at you if you try to get him to do something he doesn't want to do... Like get his lazy but off the couch!!! It's not serious growling or anything like that and he learned very fast that that kind of crap won't work on me!

He's also taken to digging up the yard. He's so cute every morning he goes outside digs up his bone and finds a new place for it :-) Doesn't bother me at all. I just go behind him and fill in all the holes so that the can dig them again tomorrow, lol !

Well, let me know how things are going at the camp.  I visit the site often to see who's new and who's getting adopted.


This is his spot on the couch. The second day we had him he jumped right up there!
I just said "Okay! Better put some blankets down for him!" My Mom's best friend, Sandi AKA his "Aunt Sandi" quilts and made him the little squares that he's laying on :-)

I'm hoping that you can see that he's started to fill out in this one. I think that he's naturally thin, but he's gaining for sure. You can't really see his ribs like you used too anymore.

In the driveway doing his afternoon stretch's :-)

Hi Chuck.  We just wanted to say hello and let you know that Wrigley (River) got home safely.  He was fantastic in our Tahoe and has been nothing but perfect so far!  Thank you again for all of your help.  We are so excited about our new dog and know that he will be very happy here.   Have a great night!  

-Lara and Bobby




hi chuck,

Everything is going spectacular with Whitney and McKinley. They both love the backyard and their multiple daily walks. It is safe to say that they are 100% spoiled haha. Whitney was more shy at first and took a few weeks to feel comfortable in her new surroundings. On the other hand McKinley adapted in about 3 hours and was thoroughly excited with his new home. they both go nuts when they see their leashes because they know it's time to go on a walk. They haven't been destructive at all. Occasionally they dig a few minor holes, but that's it. So all-in-all i couldn't have asked for anymore happiness then these two dogs have brought me. Thank you so very much. I do have a couple questions though...When they were vaccinated for their rabies, how do i obtain a rabies tag to put on their collars? How do we change the microchip to my address? and if there is anything else that you think i should know, i'm all ears.  thanks so much,



Dear Jon and Chuck,

I wanted to write and give you and update on our husky, Ollie. We rescued him through Husky Camp about two years ago. His name was Jericho at the time. Unfortunately, he came with a horrible ear infection. He stank so bad! However, after several weeks of antibiotics he was back to good health.   He has been a great companion to our first Husky, Jesse. They are the best of friends. My husband and I have been so blessed to have such a wonderful pair of dogs. Each of them has their strengths and challenges. I am glad to report that he is very well mannered, unlike Jesse who is a sneaky food thief. He does, however have a fetish for electronics. But he is worth it. He has a wonderful majestic look and is great around other dogs. We think he may have been raised by cats though, he plays like a kitten with my husband and me. It is very very cute.   We have since moved to Tempe Arizona. The dogs are able to enjoy our wonderful a/c and love their trips to the new dog park near our house. I have attached a picture of the four of us, with our nephew Mikee, on a hike up in Mammoth California this past August. (Ollie is the dog on the right, Jesse is on the left.) Ollie was a great helper when it came to hiking those mountains. It was neat seeing our dogs put to work (they helped gently pull my mother -in-law up the mountain, as she was having trouble alone). They are not fans of swimming, however they both enjoy bathing in the water and rolling in the dirt. I loved seeing him enjoy himself in the woods and look forward to many more camping trips with him.   Thank you for your patience and help while we searched for our second dog. We had a first attempt with one of your dogs, Monty. Unfortunately, it was obvious the first night that Monty was not meant for our lifestyle. But you were wonderful in working with us and I want to thank you for recommending Ollie.  

Chuck: Just wanted to wish you and Jon and all of husky camp a very merry Christmas and new year!  Diesel (York) and Nikki (Savannah) are doing great!  Diesel, who is one of the funniest dogs, just turned 4 years old and Nikki, who has turned out to be one of the sweetest girls, is coming close to her 2nd bday but we hope she’ll keep her goofy puppy behavior.  They just love each other like brother and sister and we couldn’t be happier. 

We just bought a vacation home in Big Bear and they LOVE it up there.  Can’t wait for the snow! 


Thanks for doing all of your great work – if I could convince Mike, I’d adopt 10 more huskies but these 2 are a handful for now J


Hope all is well


Jenn, Mike

Diesel & Nikki


Hi Chuck and Jon! Just wanted to update you now that it has been a couple weeks more. Bandit (Pilsner) has adjusted very well and I think he now understands that he is home and won't have to move around any more. He is eating well and playful again. Here is a picture of him from yesterday while he watched me work. He is in charge of quality control! Everybody that meets him loves him and he was a big hit at the dog park a couple days ago. Thank you again, I feel lucky to have him. I will update you in the future. Have a great holiday and new year!!


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