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It is that time of year again when we first adopted Maka Maka (Precious One).  Just wanted to let you know again how happy we are to share our lives with her. She is the most amazing dog! She now "says" ooouu (out) when she wants to go out on the deck.  She is also our 12 month old grandson's favorite.  She lets him grab her and crawl all over her. I will try to get some pics when he comes over today. Am sending a pic of her in her favorite chair in our living room. We are thankful that we have such a loving and wonderful pet. You do great work saving these dogs.  Thank you!
Michele and Dick


Hello Jon and Chuck,

It has been a while since I dropped you a note, and I hope everything is well with you and the dogs. Max is doing fine, he is a great dog and a wonderful companion. The only problem I have is I am over 53 years older than Max, and I have a hard time keeping up with him. He likes nothing better than to go hiking hills; he is tireless.

Thank you, Chuck and Jon for caring for the dogs.

Happy Holidays, and Thanks,

We have been meaning to send a picture of Whisper. We adopted her March 2003. Everyone loves Whisper. She likes to escape and go to the next door neighbors house and hang out. They let her...sometimes :) We finally figured out how she was getting out. She is now secured. She turned 5 last March and she loved the Mc Donald's hamburger with EXTRA pickles... Thank you so much for letting us adopt her. Attached are pictures of Whisper!!!! From, Teri, Jessica, Kevin and Whisper

PS...she loves watching TV!!



Hi Chuck,
It has been 4 months now since we adopted Tomahawk (Kenai).  He has become so comfortable with his new family and our beds and couches (which we encourage) and is a home run of a dog.  He is soooooo cute and sweet.  He has put on some weight and is such a handsome young man.  He now loves to go for walks.  I take him twice a day and if I had a sled he would pull me for miles.  He and our 5 year old female Siberian love each other.  I have had dogs all my life and he is the sweetest most loving dog I have ever had the opportunity to call my own.  We all LOVE this dog.
What you do is incredibly admirable,

This was from Nikki and Dover five years ago....

This is from Nikki and Dover today:

I just wanted to send another quick thank you for what you do for these dogs! Dover and I will be approaching 6 years together in January. I am not sure if you remember Dover, but he was the one curled up in a quiet ball in a corner in front of Petco, not quite ready to be adopted. After visiting for several weekends, Dover became a valued member of my family. It has taken years, but he has become more confident and much more secure. He continues to bring such joy to our lives! He loves walking, camping, being scratched behind his ears and being with his people. Thank you so much for this most treasured gift!
Nikki and Dover

Dover's first snow and Dover being stubborn and not wanting to leave our play day!


We adopted Devon @ Petco April 30th & renamed him Jack & he seems to like that name.  Since then he has gained 10lbs. & our vet thinks he looks a whole lot better & happier.  We brought back our son, AJ & female Husky, Sky from Texas mid-June & things are going really well for our whole family.  Jack is getting along great with our son & our other dog!  We go on walks daily & visit the dog parks here in San Diego but he still enjoys family time & being brushed.  I think Jack was a great choice to add to our family.  I have included a picture to show you how handsome he looks with the other kids.  Thank you for allowing us to bring Jack into our family!

Catherine Severin

Hi Chuck and Lisa,

Tuesday, was Rylee's 6 month birthday, and we wanted you to see how she has grown.  She is a very sweet, smart, athletic girl and we love her lots!!  She has made her place in the family and they all play and chase with her.  When we all go for a walk she likes to be the "leader", must be the husky in her!! She was completely potty trained at 4 months, and weighs 60 pounds now, she is an awesome puppy.  The harmony is perfect; we're all happy and feel blessed to have her.  If you happen to have any recent pictures of her siblings, we would love to see them.
 Take Care,



                          Shawnee & John

Hi Chuck! 
This is Kara and Shaun Cooper thanking you so much for matching us with Tonto!  We renamed him Duke about a week after we brought him home and he's doing great!  He loves going to the beach - though he tries really hard to eat the seagulls - and going on his walks with his backpack on (no pictures of him with it on yet, still getting him adjusted to carrying light loads). Here are some family pictures for you:
Shaun, Kara and Duke Cooper





Dear Husky Camp,

Just wanted to drop a line - it is coming up on my second month anniversary of adopting "Dazzle."

Dazzle has really settled in to her new "Digs" quite well. She is just so happy. We are having a great time together working out in the yard and taking our daily walks & not to mention our outings to Petsmart.

She even puts up with "Mommy" dressing her up in matching bandana's and pink collars. Thanks so much for the hard work and dedication of Husky Camp's efforts for rescuing such wonderful & beautiful companions.

Debi & Dazzle Bergsma


Hello, we wanted to update you on Mariposa aka "Dakota." Since we have had her she has been awesome.  We just had another baby a little girl, Named Erin-Lynn who is 5 months old now.  She joins her big brother Sean-Patrick who is 4 now.  (He was 2 when we got Dakota.)  Dakota and Black Jack are the best of buddies and have never had a confrontation.  They sleep together, play together and even share the same dog bowl.  They are great.  We go to the dog parks quite a bit and to the dog beach.  I walk them every day unless the weather is not so good then we hang out.  It took Dakota a little while to warm up to us but once she did, she had a lot of love to give.  She has traveled and we have a new vehicle, a Honda Pilot, and she and Jack rule the bed of the vehicle.  Very spacious and roomy.  We have traveled to New Mexico by car to visit family and by plane to visit my family.  She has done well.  I wanted to thank you again for bringing her into our lives.  She even picked up Jack's training as a hearing dog.  She fetches me when the baby cries and when people are at the door.  I know this is funny but I cannot hear the smoke alarm and she howls which is how I know the alarm is going off.  Like I said she is a blessing.  I am enclosing a picture of the family before Eryn was born.  This was taken in New Mexico and we were at my husband's brother's wedding.  This was taken the very next day after the blizzard hit.  Dakota, like Jack, loves the snow. 

Thanks again and hope to talk with you soon.
Love always,
Ryan and Shannan Fox

Hi Chuck,

We wanted to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to get another great Husky. Nina "Iris" has become very good friends with her big brother, Cacho. She seems to be settling in very well. She is very loving and sweet. Cacho loves to play with her and constantly wants to lay by her and get her going with wrestling and Husky talk.

 We took her to the vet to get a "physical" exam. They checked her out and gave her an A+ for being so sweet. But, she was very scared at the vet's office and hid behind me during the visit. She got a blood test for heart worms and it came out negative. (Cacho and her are taking Heart Guard and Frontline Plus monthly.) 

We'll email you in a few months with some updates :)

Thank you again for meeting us in Palm Springs to bring Nina to us.

Wendy, Josh, Cacho, and Nina.


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