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I haven't sent you an up date in awhile because there hasn't been much to report. Neeko continues to be a great member of the family, and there really haven't been any issues. He and Sam get along spectacular, and the walks with our friend's Great Dane are the highlight of their day - they actually start bugging me around 1 p.m. if we haven't gone out yet. Neeko's big thing is to howl at me while I put my hiking boots on as if to say, "hey, hurry up, we're wasting daylight".

Other than that, he has been good with being left without people (just he and Sam) during times when we both have to be out and there are no problems. He has actually become quite food motivated, and he dances around before getting fed, will sit without being asked before the bowl goes on the floor, and is very good at waiting until being told it's okay to eat. No food aggression issues, and he eats his entire meals at a nice steady pace. Each evening I do a little back and forth between him and Sam with small training treats for a basic routine of "tricks" and they both have become very good at waiting their turn when the other is doing a drill

Walks continue to be good. I've let him off leash a couple of times and he has done well. Once he decided to head out on an adventure without me, but I basically called him and ran the other way, which made him sprint straight back. Now that he seems to get a kick out of treats, I am thinking of working with him in the hills to reward him with a small treat for coming back on command to reinforce the "stay close to me" mentality.

His personality continues to develop as well. At nights, he jumps up on the bed for a few minutes, and then when it's lights out he heads off to his pillow. He has also decided that the place to lie at dinner time is right under the table. He's not a pest, but he likes to stay close.

Kendra has commented to several visitors we've had, that even she can't understand what the problems were in the other places he was at. He is a beautiful, gentle dog, and we are glad that we were able to be the home he needed.


Hi Chuck,

Here are a few photo's of Trance and Shadow from 2008. Trance is now 4 yrs old and Shadow around 3 1/2 yrs old. Trance has calmed down a lot compared to age 3 yrs and under, Shadow is still in puppy mode and wants to play all the time; I can tell Trance is like.......will this boy ever stop!

You still have to keep an eye on Trance when little kids are around because she will tackle them, get on top of them and kiss them non-stop. Shadow is much more gentle with little kids, he will just lay down next to them and give them soft little kisses.

Once again we love our puppies and are so happy they are part of our family.

Hi Chuck,
Just thought I would send you a new pic and let you know I'm doing great! Mommy and Daddy spoiled us for Christmas. My "birthday" is coming up in March I can't believe I've been with my new family almost a year, I love them so much. They love me too...even if I do hog the pillow end of the bed almost every night! duh the pillow is for me! I can't wait to see what they get me for my birthday! Well just wanted to let you know i'm still doing great and you couldn't have found me a better family.

Love Chloe (Nika adopted 3.16.08)

I'm on the right, my brother Valen is on the left, we loved the stockings full of treats and hated out hats! but it was worth the treats : )

Hi Chuck and Jon,
Well it has been three months since we brought Ranger
and Niki home, thought I would give you guys an update
on them. Well the first week was definitely stressful,
they decided to go off for a walk on their own and go
explore the neighborhood. Since that event, things have
calmed down quite a bit. They have settled into a nice
routine in their new home.

Both Ranger and Niki, love their morning treat (but then
again they would love it if we gave them treats all day
long). It took us a month, but we have been able to train
them to sit and wait for their treats and food patiently,
instead of attacking the food before the bowl was even
on the ground. They still tend to have some fights over
raw hides once in a while.

They love their daily walks (Ranger loves to prance and
loves the attention he gets when we go on our walks.
Yes, he is a little vain…just a tad bit). Niki, still tries to
find out which buttons she can push and what she can
get away with (just like a teenager). The hardest thing
for us it to try and discipline them when they misbehave,
but we are learning.

They both got to travel with us on their first mini vacation to visit family to Phoenix AZ. Yes, it was very hot but they did great on the drive there and back. They got to meet both sets of grandparents and other doggie cousins and try to play nice. Niki, was a bit jealous of the other females paying too much attention to Ranger.

They are really great with kids, we have had a number of BBQ’s at our house where we had a lot of little ones around. One 9 month old decided he wanted to check out how big Ranger’s mouth was, so he stuck his hand in Ranger’s mouth. Ranger, off course, sat calmly and let the baby play with him. Niki, likes the attention she get from the kids, but when she feels like she is done, she goes off to her comfy spot.

We did have to leave them for a week in a Doggie hotel, when we went on vacation. They seem to have done really well, they were very happy to see us and relieved that we did not abandon them. They were really glad to come home (ran around the whole house for 10 min, then ran and checked everything out in the yard for another 5min before finally coming over for us to pet them and play with them). We we were very happy to see them too, we missed them very much on our vacation.

They are really great dogs and we absolutely love them. They have their quirks, but then again so do we, so it’s all good.

Thanks Again,
Brian & Pavani

June 4, 2008 – After their first grooming.

Hanging out in the patio and garden area.
Ranger loves to eat grass.

Hanging out in our friends backyard at a BBQ.

One of Niki’s favorite positions while sleeping

Ranger’s all time favorite spot in the house (The Bath Tub)

Ranger and Niki fighting for attention from Brian
Hello there, just wanted to give you an update on Sasha. She's been a very good dog, and has brought a lot of balance to our other husky Raiden. They did have a couple of fights over dominance the first few days but Sasha being a bit older and bigger quickly put her paw down. She is very well behaved in the house and sleeps on my side of the bed at night :) she kind of took over Raidens favorite hangout areas but he doesn't mind. The two of them love to play fight and wrestle, its so cute and it drains a lot of their energy at the same time which helps me out =D She is great with our kids and loves to give everybody she meets kisses.

The whole family really loves her and i know Raiden is much happier now that he's not by himself when we have to go out or something. I was wondering if you have Sasha's original owners e-mail by chance or if your aloud to give out that info, i just have a few questions for her.

One last thing i'm not sure if we're aloud too but we kind of changed her name to Geneva, it seems to fit her pretty good and she doesn't seem to mind at all :)

heres a few pics for you guys, hope you enjoy. take care of yourselves and those wonderful huskies!
Jeremy and family

We've been wanting to send pictures for some time. This is our Sophie now!! This is Lake Almanor where she spends almost everyday in the summer with the boys. She won't let them out of her sight. And needless to say, she loves the snow in the winter. Thanks again, we love her!!
Matt & Dana
Greetings Chuck and Jon,

I had the most tremendous opportunity working with you in my search to rescue another husky back in December 2007. Saki was her name, but as soon as I adopted her she was renamed Taylor. I sent you pics way back then, but would love to share with you how far Taylor has come. When I first brought her home, she did not know any commands, did not walk well on a leash – the one thing she did do, which you helped with, was her interaction with my cats. She bonded well with her husky brother Jack, has done well with the cats in the home, although she is hard wired with the killer prey drive when she sees other cats out on the street. I don’t think she really wants to kill, she just wants to chase!

I worked diligently with her with the regular sit, stay commands, which she learned very quickly, mostly due to her love for treats! I enrolled her in agility, and let me tell you she loved it and was a super star. Today Taylor is very patient, knows her sit, stay, wait and leave it commands, walks very well on leash. She is a love to be around, loves kids and other dogs alike.

When I first brought Taylor home, I was given all of her records from the previous owner (which I read on my way home after just adopting her)…included in them was that she was hit by a car in her first year of life. The previous owner stated that Taylor forgot her training at times, regressed to having accidents in the house, seemed to have some slight problems with her back left leg, and other issues. I found that all those statements were so untrue. Taylor has never had an accident in the house, runs like the wind with no problems, learns extremely well. My only guess was that the previous owners purchased her on a whim when the “husky” movies came out and then because they did not do their homework they wanted to get rid of her. At the very least, they were kind enough to contact you. I say, what a pity for them because I have a most wonderful, sweet and kind loving girl that has blossomed with the right touch into a most wonderful dog. I am so very happy she is a part of my life. Taylor is a remarkable girl – loves without boundaries – is comical, sweet and such a joy to be around. Without you and HuskyCamp that would not have been possible.

All in all, Taylor is the sweetest girl I have ever had – a compliment to her husky brother Jack – sweet and kind to the kitties, the kids and all the other dogs she meets.

I have truly been blessed with her in my life, thanks to you and HuskyCamp and all that you do. Kudos again for relaying to folks information on the breed – if all dog owners would do their homework there would not be so many pups turned loose because of the owners’ lack of knowledge. Your website is so great on giving out information on the husky breed.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks again,

Dear Jon and Chuck,

These are pictures of Timber and Sierra (previous Dustin and Sterling) at ages 7 ½ and 8 ½ . It has been six years since we adopted them from you and we can’t imagine life without them. These pictures are taken up at our cabin in Big Bear where they just love to go to play in the snow … great winter for that so far!! Every time we go to the cabin they come with us and have so much fun whether it is dirt or snow, winter or summer. Quite different than the home they have lived in these years in Huntington Beach … they are very loved and as well spoiled!! They go for a bike ride almost everyday, great exercise for them but not very much for the bike rider as they are just pulled around. Sometimes the kids even go for skate board rides with them.

Anyway, just a quick update on them to let you know how they are doing, they are doing just great and we are so thankful for them.

Hope all is well with you and thank you for the Christmas card again this year. We always look forward to seeing how the Husky Camp family is doing. How many are in your “family” now?

God bless you both,
Becky and Bruce … Sierra and Timber too!!
Hi Chuck and Jon-

Just a quick note to tell you how Crimson (Cascade) is doing. He is an angel of a dog! He is enjoying cool naps on our tile floor, tasty salmon food, and fun walks along the bike trails. He loves our 12yr. old female Chow/Lab mix and always yields to her needs first and he even has relented to letting the cat have the entire upstairs. HA! He is such a sweet, easy-going, gentle giant. His walking skills are excellent and he learns very quickly. What a gem he is! Up next will be some attention to his teeth, which appear to have been worn down and his upper canine may need pulling. Even if he becomes as toothless as the Abominable Snowman in the Rudolph cartoon, we will adore him the same! Yesterday, I took him to the duck pond here and he joyously observed the water birds...I wasn't sure if he'd want to make them dinner or was a little tough at first to judge his "exuberance"! He proved to me that he really wanted to just watch them and figure out what the heck they were doing. I was a little worried he might want to capture one to keep! HA I love his gentle, affectionate, playful and devoted spirit!

Thank you for the gift of him...we all love him immensely. God bless you guys and Huskycamp.

With warm wishes,
~Amy, Brent, Nate, Kaylen, Kaylabear and Luna (the cat--well, she tolerates him, I guess. HA)~


Husky Camp Crew,
Just wanted  to share that Cheif who was Adopted in September 2007 is doing great! He is absolutely the best dog ever! When we got him he had a lot of issues, and is now after a lot of TLC he is now 25lbs heavier, and healthy as an ox... We took him  for his first Sledding experience this past Christmas. His instinct just kicked into high gear and off he went, he and our Lab are the best of buds and I'm so grateful that you and your organization are there to take these great animals in. From Cheif and his new Family, Happy Holidays and best wishes for a fantasik 2009. I've attached a few before and after pics... He really is a ham and loves to take pictures, not like our lab sandy who can't sit still. Thanks again!

Stuart & I thought you might like to see pictures of Orion and his pal, Brandy. Last December, we got the greatest Christmas present, Orion. We have adopted several Huskies over the years. Orion was supposed to the "Red" that I always wanted. You can clearly see that Orion dotes over my husband. Sleeps beside Stuart's side of the bed, too. We have put up higher fences, gates, etc. Well worth it. He's a great dog. Thanks for doing what you do. Stuart & Lois

PS The Santa picture is a fundraiser event that we are involved in. They help to raise money for people who can't take care of their vet bills.
Hey Chuck!

We wanted to let you know how Juneau and Sierra were doing. My wife Danielle and I along with our two fur-kids Juneau and Sierra are now living in Santa Maria, CA. Sierra absolutely adores Juneau, and he is nothing by spectacular. He wakes me up each morning just before the alarm goes off by jumping up in the bed and nuzzling me and stealing my spot. Sierra continues to sleep under the bed most of the night, but she naps with Juneau during the day.

Both of our fur-kids love their daily walks. Juneau needs his daily plant fest where he brushes himself over nearly every smooth plant on the way to the local park. Sierra sniffs out all of the other neighborhood dogs to say hello. Sierra still plays a little rough with Juneau, but she's getting better. We've noticed that she is much happier having him as an older brother.

Juneau is so well behaved. He knows how to sit, lay down, shake, and stay. He doesn't jump up or anything of the sort. It appears he is still getting used to his large size, as he can be a little clumsy at times.

We love both of our pups very much, and thank HuskyCamp for helping us find our huskies. Thank you!

Attached are some photos.

Jay and Dee


Our Dog Coppers:

we are so thankful we found her! So is our other dog tod! She has come a long way, she gets along with our cat very well and stays outside with us without running off! Happy Holidays!

Chad, Rachel, Copper, and Tod

Hi Chuck!
I'm so sorry that it's taken me soooooooo long to email you with a Koa update
After our house breaking endeavors, Koa has become just an outstanding bundle of LOVE!!!! He's so good now!!! Even though he feels the need to wake me...but that's OK!! He's SO FUNNY, when he wants to go out at night or early morning he comes to "my" side of the bed (not Jason's) and if it's not so urgent he gently paws at the bed...and if he really has to go, he'll paw alot harder. His hard paws shake the bed...he's so darn CUTE!!!!
We have found him so very entertaining!!! He is now allowed to sleep on the bed...never thought that would happen. He is the most lovable, double jointed dog I've ever seen. Jason and I find ourselves just cracking up when he scratches himself. He'll scratch with his rear legs and leave his leg behind his head. Also, we remember when Jason asked if he crosses his paws...and you couldn't recall seeing him to that...well good news he crosses all four at once!! I told Jason this morning, I'm gonna have to leave the camera next to the bed so I can take a picture...he's precious!!!
He unfortunately has some issues...and finally I solved one...his digestive system is not what it should be. I had tried all different foods and thankfully finally have found that Pro-Plan for sensitive digestion  changed him in 2 days. Soft stools to regular stools!!! YEAH!!! Poor Baby!!! The vet believes he's got allergies as he's was constantly biting to the point of I give him only when necessary allergy pills.
I do have to tell you...and I felt HORRIBLE, when it happened...but after returning from obedience training one Sat., his beautiful long tail got caught in my car door. After trying to save it and several $$ later we had to have a bit taken off. I felt sooo horrible, knowing all of his background of abuse! He was a trooper though, he lets anyone touch and pull at him. I don't think this dog has a mean bone in his body!!! His tail healed real well. He looks so cute
I will send pics, but I have to have time to adjust them so I can send them. I'll make it a priority, so you can see him.
His Husky traits do show sometimes...digging (still) and, he has gotten loose, thankfully just once. He was like a kid in a candy store. Which leads me to the next question...I know he has  a chip but can you please change his address to ours. When he got out I was mortified we wouldn't find him. Please or if you can give me the information I'll do it. Thanks!
He's definitely become our buddy!!! He goes with us (or me)every where (as long as it's not too hot) in the car...he just loves it...he's now getting impatient as he doesn't like stopping at traffic lights. We now know he's not a talking Husky. He whines very softly, but there's no talking...I try and try to get him to talk, but it sounds like somethings wrong with his vocal cords Also, I must tell you I can leave him in doors now when I go out and he's a good boy!!!
OK...again I apologize for not emailing sooner. Be assured he's a happy and relatively healthy dog!!! We love him dearly...and can't think of our lives without him. He's brought more joy and laughter into our home, you can't even believe...nor can I I'm just so happy we didn't give up on him! He's a beauty!!! And, I know why you had tears in your eyes when he left you...I'll be balling like a baby when the time comes and God takes him...hopefully not for 20yrs
Promise I'll send a cute photo or 2
Lots of aloha,
Waldeen,Jason and Koa (Blu-Sierra)

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