Buster's Story


Buster was a little scrap of bones and patchy white hair a few months ago. He tipped the scales at about 8 pounds. From what we have been told, he was dumped out on a dirt road where he roamed, scared, hungry and dehydrated for quite some time. Somehow, he got caught in a cat trap and was brought in to the shelter as the "catch of the day".

Husky Camp founder Chuck Usle went into the shelter which had taken in Buster to pick up a Siberian Husky who's owner had not come to claim her. As she walked past the run that Buster called home, he ran up to the gate and looked up at her with light in his eyes and said with his face "Are you here for me?" Chuck offered some words of comfort and wished him well. Then went on with her original purpose of rescuing the husky. Chuck made several visits to the shelter after that and each time Buster would bounce up to her and ask with those eyes "Today? Are we going home today?"  Chuck admired his spunk and tenacity, traits which are very siberian--and he did have some tufts of fluffy hair not to mention his pointy ears.

Finally, the day came that Chuck went to the shelter and Buster asked again. The shelter personnel advised her that it was his last day. Nobody wanted a little half-bald, bony dog and the shelter had no other choice...Chuck finished her business, and with a heavy heart went to her car. She sat there and wrestled with all the thoughts and feelings she was having. "I don't need another pet, all the responsibility..." "Nobody will take him, I would have to keep him". But, "If I don't get him out, he will die." Chuck said this last sentence out loud to her husband Jon. Jon, who is mostly composed of heart and integrity said to her "Just go get him Chuck."

Chuck went in and answered Buster's request. "Yes, today we go home." Buster never quit asking, he never gave up hope, and never failed to put on his best attitude no matter how desperate his situation had become. This literally saved his life. He now lives at Husky Camp where he has put on about 10 pounds. Buster spends his days chasing balls, guarding the house, and adoring Chuck.

Can I drive the bus this time?


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