Buster's Hopeful Heart Award


Buster is the mascot at Husky Camp. Also rescued from a shelter, he is the personification of "don't give up" . This award will be given to people who have shown excellence of character in regard to rescue dogs. And to dogs who have come out of rescue to become a credit to their species.

Rescue is about hope, new beginnings, and the fulfillment of dreams. Buster represents all of these things.  How many Chinese Crested mix dogs do you know that have become  Siberian Huskies? To read Buster's story, click here.

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March, 2003

We cannot even begin to find words for the gratitude we feel for the Upland Animal Hospital. This group of vets and their staff have gone far beyond the call of duty for our rescue dogs.  If you want to see a group of folks who personify hope, click on the thumbnailed image to the left.



Husky Camp would like to present our favorite funny Valentine with Buster's Hopeful Heart in February. This sweetheart is none other that our friend Helene. Helene is new to husky rescue and is doing a great job down in San Diego. Her website is www.sandiegohuskies.com. Helene could use some volunteers to help foster, transport, run adoption events and help adopters find dogs in the shelter system in San Diego.
January, 2003

The Buster Award goes to Boy Scout Troop 170. Many of their members have helped our efforts with dog walking, clean up, and their positive presence at our larger adoption event at The Block. Husky Camp gives you guys a large RAH RAH RAH WOOOOO!

December, 2002

Buster and the crew at Husky Camp would like to say thanks this month to Frank at the Moneyman Gallery at The Block of Orange. Frank hosted a Rescue Adoption Event last month. It resulted in the adoption of 6 Husky Camp dogs, and many others from various rescue groups.

November, 2002

We could not let another day pass on this website without giving mention to one of the most amazing huskies to ever grace us with his presence. Bandit. He was rescued from a shelter over a decade ago by John Maclean and went on to become a therapy dog. This is an amazing fete for a Siberian Husky, so we know that Mr. Maclean must be an exceptional trainer. It is with regret that we tell you that Bandit has traveled on to the Rainbow Bridge. He had a good and amazing run with Mr. Maclean (who has since adopted another rescue dog from Robbi and Scott). Buster and all of Husky Camp wish to recognize the many lives the two of them touched and their efforts to be an asset to us all. We thank you both.
October, 2002

This month's Hopeful Heart Winner is Marilyn Lassagne. She is the director of the Siberian Husky Rescue/Referral of California. Her organization is the one Husky Camp belongs to. Marilyn has devoted a large part of herself and her life to the betterment of Siberian Huskies. We think it only fitting that she be our first recipient. Her website can be seen at http://www.sibernet.org/SHRR/