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We adopted Daytona (now Koty) on September 20th. I just wanted to let you know that he is doing really well. He is going to the dog park almost every day and on walks twice a day. He is really well liked at the dog park and gets along very well with the other dogs. He is such a happy boy. I have never seen a Siberian so in love with the water. He gets in every chance he gets. We took him to the Huntington Beach dog park and he just walked in and started swimming in the ocean. He gets along great with our other Siberian, Saskie. He wasn't quite potty trained when we got him but he is now and he really didn't have much, if any, training when we got him but he is working on his basic skills now and almost always sits on command. It just takes a while sometimes. He is just a complete joy. Thank you for facilitating his entrance into our lives.

Hello Chuck,

Well it's hard to believe but today is Ni'cko's first year with us. We adopted him from Husky Camp on November 15, 2008 at Pet's Mart in Brea. What an absolutely wonderful dog he is. Always room for improvement but he has come a long way. We love him with all our heart and could not imagine life without him. We celebrated with a birthday dog bone shaped cake from Three Dog Bakery today after our morning mushing at Fairview Park.

The picture attached is from our hotel room on our way to La Pine, OR for the mushing weekend with Karen Yeargain. He decided to sneak a snack while Sasha and Czar were wrestling around. How could you not love him.

Thank you for adopting him to us.

Your friends,

Joyce & Bruce


Hi Chuck & Jon,
I just got back from two weeks in June Lake. The dogs got a run in every other day. I thought you might like this picture of Clyde in the team. He's running with Kloee, and yes, they are a couple:) Josie & Sam are at lead. If you look carefully between and behind Clyde and Kloee, you can see a black and white leg with spots on it. That's Zoey, a Dalmatian-pit bull cross that belongs to Debi's son. She frequently runs with us and is a working fool.
Clyde hasn't taken out any screens recently, but, still bears watching like a hawk. I have to try to be one move ahead of him at all times, He is enjoying his life to the fullest though:)
I trust that all is well with you two. Have a good week.