We dedicate this page to our canine partners we are greatly honored to have called our best friends


For our Maverick, who will always have a place in our hearts....

I lost a treasured friend today. The dog who used to lay his gentle head upon my knee and share his silent thoughts with me.... He'll come no longer to my call, retrieve no more his favorite ball. A voice far greater than my own has called him to his golden throne. Although my eyes are filled with tears, I thank him for the happy years he let him spend down here with me and for his love and loyalty. When it is time for me to go and join him there, this much I know.... I shall not fear the transient dark for he Will greet me with his bark...

We Love you boy!!!


In loving Memory of our girl and my first dog: Maya

Hi Chuck:

Itís been a while. The last few weeks, I've been dealing with a very sick little three legged all white Siberian Husky (Maya) due to cancer, seizures, etc. Previously being hit by a car, which a year later was found out to have cancer in one rear leg, later amputated, then two years later, seizures began occurring which were treated with Phenobarbital (which higher dosages can hurt the liver). It got to a point where high Phenobarbital levels had to be administered to counteract the seizures. Then she just stopped responding. Yesterday (5/25/09) was a sad tough day due to having to make the decision that enough was enough of trying to keep her alive and prolonging the suffering so I made the call to let her go. I know it was the right decision but still not an easy one. She was our 7.5 year old girl. Doug (adopted from HuskyCamp) is now trying to adapt to his mother figure/ best friend missing which I will probably want to give him the gift of having a new friend in his life. When they ran together at the dog park, I noticed Doug would always be checking on how far Maya would be from him. They were inseparable. She would look at me with those blue eyes as if she could see right thru me. When I first saw her as a puppy, I knew she was mine. Even at the time I was thinking I was crazy to get a dog at that time, but something drew me right back to her. She and I belonged together. I will always cherish and be grateful for the time we spent together. That little dog will always have a special place in my heart reserved just for her. Doug and Maya are and have been great gifts in my life that I would never trade. She will be greatly missed!!!




Godspeed, Kody...

Dear Chuck,

I first want to start by saying Thank You for what you do. Without you we would have never had the chance to be Chloeís parents and give her a great year. We adopted her on March 16, 2008 formerly her name was Nika.

She was the greatest addition to our family and was so deeply loved and is already greatly missed. She seemed perfectly healthy and happy until Saturday, 3-14-09 . Saturday morning she was having difficulty walking; her hind legs seemed to be very weak so we immediately took her to the vet. They performed an exam, x-rays, blood work and a urine analysis but were not able to find anything. We had to wait until Sunday to get blood results so they sent us home with some pain meds. But Sunday morning she had worsened and the pain meds after 2 doses had made no difference. Sunday she was having difficulty breathing and so we took her back to the vet and they performed chest x-rays at which time they found multiple nodules in her lungs and we were referred to California Veterinary Specialists Angel Care Cancer Center with an appt at 1 pm on Monday. However Sunday night she seemed to be getting worse and so we took her into the 24 hour care at the center where her appt was the next day. They provided her with some oxygen to help her breathe. She didnít get to come home with us and the next day I met with the specialist who feared it was cancer or a fungal infection and advised and ultrasound. So Chloe underwent an ultrasound and they did a lung aspirate of the nodules. They were unable to find a mass, but sent the aspirates out for cytology and fungal titers. At that time the nodules seemed to have an infectious appearance and she was started on anti-fungal meds and they kept her over night to monitor her. Unfortunately her 1 year birthday (adoption day of being with us 3-16-09 ) was spent in the hospital and we didnít get to celebrate. Tuesday morning ( 3-17-09 ) I called to check on her and she had deteriorated throughout the night and could no longer stand and would barely lift her head. The cytology reports came back that it was indeed cancer. A neurological cancer that had more than likely began in her brain or spine and had metastasized to her lungs. They are not sure if she had the cancer for a long time and it just now spread to cause her discomfort and for us to know something was wrong, or if it was just a very aggressive cancer that spread very quickly. According to the specialist this type of cancer typically doesnít respond to chemotherapy or radiation, not to mention that it had already spread so much. So my husband and I decided it would be best to euthanize and let her go as peacefully as possible, as she wasnít herself at all anymore. They had a private room in which they brought a blanket in and we got to lay beside her and hold her for awhile and Valen our male husky got to be there too. He was a great big brother and on Sunday when she was having trouble walking and standing up he actually went outside with her and let her lean on him while she went to the bathroom. But we held her while they put her down and for a little while afterwards.

I miss her dearly and am not quite sure how I am going to get through this. Even though she has not been in our home since Sunday night we had the hope that she would be coming home. Itís so hard when you have a routine and it is suddenly gone. Valen is taking it very hard and I donít know how to make it easier on him. We had Valen for almost a year when we adopted Chloe and he was a constant escape artist until we welcomed her into our home. So for right now I canít leave my house for very long as I am afraid he will once again start escaping our home and I previously had tried crate training and donít want to go back down that road. Chloe was only with us for a year and was a very young dog estimated to be about 4. It was the best year she loved the dog park; she loved her husky brother Valen and from observation with out friends 3 year old and newborn loved babies. She was going to be a big sister in June and I was so looking forward to her interacting with our bundle of joy. When I would get home Chloe would always nudge at my shirt until I lifted it so she could rub my belly with her snout. She also loved to help us cook in the kitchen, and although she would get in the way and often get told to go because she was begging we miss that. I miss her stealing my pillow when I would get up from bed at night to go to the bathroom and come back and I would just snuggle with her. I am trying to stay strong for Valen, but it is very very hard. Iím not sure if /when we will be ready to add another canine companion to our lives, but Husky Camp will be the first place we are likely to go providing that we still live in California at that time as Dustinís enlistment is up December 2011 and we plan to move back to Illinois. Iím just not sure that we can go through this again, but we have to think of Valen too so who knows.

Again we just want to Thank You for rescuing Chloe so that we had the opportunity to love her and spoil her rotten.
Love the Wyattís
Tara, Dustin, Valen, and soon our baby girl Cadence



In loving memory of our "Indy."

He was the most loved, cherished animal we have ever owned. He was diagnosed with Cancer just last week and in multiple sites. His vet said that there were several tumors and other issues going on and to put him through surgery would just prolong his pain. So, this past Saturday we let him to go run through the green grasses of heaven. He had an adoptive sister, Ke'Ana, who left us 4 yrs. ago so we know he will be once again be playing with her. 3 yrs. ago we almost lost him to bloat and that was a miracle he made it through that ordeal. He was adopted in Sept. of 2000 and has blessed our family for many yrs. We will miss him so much words cannot begin to tell the tale. When we first took him home he was so scared and skittish. His beautiful red and white coat was breathtaking and he had such a trust issue that we had to feed him separately from our other husky until he felt comfortable enough that she or we weren't going to steal away his food!!! What a personality he had. He would talk for hours and of course we soon learned to talk "Indy." Our youngest is attending UCSB and Indy got to spend some time in the summer with Matt. What a blessing, Indy just loved the beach and although he had no sled or scooter to pull Matt took him skateboarding and running which they both loved. We had an early Christmas and were able to have all 3 of our boys home so we took a family picture with Indy this past Sunday. All our boys got to see Indy while he was running and playing. It is a good memory for all of us. Matt bought Indy this furry goose (for Xmas) that squeaked everytime Indy bit it and he just loved it. He played with it non stop for 2 days and then on Monday night/Tuesday we noticed he just wasn't his self. It was quick and Indy had a good life. He certainly enriched all of ours. He was simply the best and we love him very much. Although he can never be replaced one day we will again adopt another husky because they are more than family pets they are family.

Tom, Jamie, Tommy, Chris and Matt
Dear Chuck and John,

It is with great sorrow that we note Memphis passing yesterday (Friday) evening. He was a very loving member of our family and we miss him very much.

Last year he had a surgery to remove a cancer from his left shoulder area. Further testing showed no sign of any other cancer, so we decided to do the radiation therapy in January. It was a difficult ordeal for Memphis and for us too. It seemed worth it, because at the end, his cancer appeared to be cured. After the treatments were over, he seemed much older, and his arthritis seemed to be acting up every now and then. He seemed to do better with diet, glucosamine, and an occasional medication for pain. He also seemed more stubborn, and we thought that was just from being spoiled during his radiation therapy time. For the past year, he would make us go different ways for his walk so he could enjoy a different route and he wanted to stop in the middle of his walk just to sit and relax and look around the park. I think he realized how precious every second of life is, and he wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. We certainly enjoyed our last year with him.

A couple of weeks ago he started limping and we noticed that he had trouble walking on his left rear leg. We thought it was just from his arthritis, so we wrapped his leg and gave him some medication and he seemed to be doing better. But this week he took a turn for the worse. He was limping quite a bit, and then we got quite worried when he stopped eating. We thought it might be due to his pain medication because it caused a stomach problem when he was taking it before, so we gave him his favorite foods and stopped his medication. Memphis loved to eat, so we took him to the vet first thing on Friday when he refused even his favorite foods. They took x-rays and found that he had fluid and blood in his abdomen. They referred us back to the center where he got his radiation treatments. When we picked him up to take him there, he was quite weak and I had to lift him into the car. When he got there he usually bolts out of the car because he likes the place so much, but this time he just wanted to stay in the car. He was just standing in my car and looking around and taking in the moment. I finally got him to go into the clinic, but he was so weak that when he was lying down, he needed help to stand.

They did an ultrasound of his abdomen, which showed multiple large tumors in his liver. It did not appear to be a recurrence of his previous cancer, but a new aggressive cancer that did not show up on any of his recent past tests. Because the tumors took up almost his entire liver, there was no way that they could be removed with surgery. He quickly continued to deteriorate, so we had to make a tough decision. We didn't want him to suffer any more, and there was no cure for his condition, so we got the family together and we all got a chance to spend some time with Memphis. I held Memphis' head to comfort him in his final moments.

We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of Memphis' life and that he was a part of ours. We will always remember him with love as a gentle loving dog who had a big heart and wanted to be friends with everyone. He taught us many lessons about life, even up until the end. He was brave and always had a great disposition. He was a loyal friend and loving companion. He was the greatest dog in the world.

I'm sorry that we never brought him back for you to see him. I'm sure that he really would have liked that. I know that he will be waiting for us in heaven.

God bless you. Please call us if you want.

Larry and Andrea




Hi Chuck,

I adopted a beautiful sable/gray/white 6 yr old female with a back leg that limped back in 2002 at a PetCo in Orange, CA. At the time you knew nothing about her as she had just arrived from the SD husky rescue.

Since then, I had this beautiful girl, Kali, for 6yrs and my life was so enriched with having her with me. This past month she developed complications due to old age - 12yrs old
and despite my spending $4,200 to help her, when the question came to quality of life, it was time to let her pass on over the rainbow bridge. She was noble and with dignity and sweet as ever to the end.

I am looking again to adopt another lost spirit who needs a home. I prefer a female, smaller side and 2-3 yrs old. It will have to be ok with cats. Kali was never aggressive with my cats. The one I have now would sit and look at her and if too annoyed gave her a bop/smack and continued to sit. If you have any suggestions or don't currently have one that would fit at this time but know of other groups that might have one fitting this description, please email the info.

Here are pictures of my Kali. The doghouse my fiancť made for her last year.

Thank you,


Hi Jon and Chuck,
Unfortunately we had to help King go to Doggy Heaven today.  We got him from you about 6 years ago and it has been the best six years of our lives.  He had a really traumatic experience when we had those fires out here in San Diego last year, moving from place to place until we could go back home.  Since then his health really deteriorated.  He had gone deaf, a little senile and ultimately couldn't get up on his hind legs any longer.  I had tried everything from glucosamine to changing his diet and just recently, pain medicine.  But the truth was that he just couldn't get up in time to make it to the bathroom on the grass.  He would whine all night long constantly trying to get up to patrol the yard but couldn't.  I had to let our friend and family protector go this morning :-(  Sasha is having a hard time, this will be her first night by herself.  If things don't go well with her being a single doggy we may be back to the Rescue to find another companion.
Thank you so much for everything that you do for this breed and thank you for giving us the most wonderful family friend a mom could ask for.
The Felise Family



Yesterday I had to have my beloved husky Nutzy put to sleep. (he earned his name as he was just nuts in a sweet, goofy way)

Nutzy came into my life 11 1/2 years ago through the help of Husky Helpers in Solvang (Bernie Schultz) Nutzy had come from a home where he had been beaten, starved and even de-barked from puppyhood to about a year and a half old when the rescus saved him.

Nutzy was 35 lbs and terrified of people. I myself had recently been through a awful relationship ending and was an emotional mess. I had called the rescue months before and said i was interested in a dog that was at least over a year old and I didn't care what he looked like but needed a male as I had a female husky at home.

When Bernie called me and told me Nutzy's story, I was in the car the next day for the 3 hr drive to Solvang. He was skinny and scared but to the woman at the rescues amazement he came right to me and layed in my lap. I held him and cried. I looked up and said "I'm taking him".

Over the months Nutzy was by my side day and night.I am a groomer and he'd come to work with me and lay by my side quietly. He was my shadow and he was my happiness.

I watched him grow to be the most beautiful and loving husky most people had ever seen. He stopped people walking by to touch him and exclaim how beautiful he was, he was gentle with childern and had the good nature of a saint.

Nutzy saved my life as I had begun to fall into a terrible depression before he came along.

One night after having him a few days I was actually on the floor of my bathroom, crying, looking at a bottle of ambian and wishing the pain in my heart would end. Just as I thought that...I heard a snuffle at the door. I opened it. Thre was Nutzy just looking at me with his deep brown eyes as if "I need you, don't go". There was a understanding in his eyes.

Nutzy would flinch at peoples touch as his history was full of being hit, he never flinched at my touch.

Sadly last year he started having spinal nerve problems and kidney problems. He was going down hill fast but his plucky spirit kept him going until just hours before he finally couldn't bring himself back to his feet. When I got the call that he had taken a turn for the worst I began rushing home (I was away for the night over 100 miles away) when I arrived home my beloved Nutzy was laying on the floor crying and unable to stand.

I ran to him and scooped his body into my arms. With my friend driving I laid in the back of my car with my body against him stroking his head, kissing him and telling him how much I love him as we drove to the vet, I knew it was time.

As the vet began helping stop my babys pain I kept telling him how much I love him, to come back and look for me and I will find him again. He slipped away and I laid there hugging him for some time. That kind look still in his eyes but no life behind them anymore.

Nutzy was the most wonderful thing to have ever come into my life, I will miss him with all my heart.

Though I did not get my dog from your rescue I wanted to share my story of how wonderful rescued dogs can be and how much love you can recieve from one who need help.

I asked him to come back and I promised I will find him..

If a dog comes along who seems to need more than people are willing to take or there is a dog who seems to have gotten the wrong end of the stick..

my heart and home are open and I'd love to be contacted.

Nutzys spirit will live on in my continuing to help his fellow creatures.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my story.


In loving memory of Dakota

Dear Chuck,

Hi I am writing to inform you that we had to put Dakota (Mariposa) down today. I didn't want to do it, but she had a severe case of in our terms Collapsed Lungs. She had labored breathing yesterday and everything looked well and I made a Vet appointment, took her in to our base vet which advised me to go out in town and go to a Veterinary clinic to have Chest Rays done. i went to the Emergency Pet hospital in San Marcos, and hoping that they would tell me it was pneumonia but instead, they told me it was Pneumothorax, or Collapsed Lungs, I saw the X-Ray and listened to the options, but the best was to put her down. I told the vet money is no option i would pay, but he assured me that even if I did the surgery the collapsed lungs are so serve that she wouldn't do well in the future or even maybe make it long... The best solution was to put her down. I was with her for two hours. I kept trying not to cry. My friends came to help me through this since my Husband is in Okinawa right now. Us and the dogs were to follow in the late Spring, yes Dakota was going to Okinawa with us had her blood work and everything done. So They gave her the shot and I talked to her the whole time. Then they gave her two others and she fell asleep. I bawled like a big baby. I am so sad that I totally want her with me not in a better place... I kept blaming myself and the vet said no I did nothing nor did the children...

I am writing because I wanted to inform you and tell you that Dakota was a awesome dog. She did so well. She actually learned how to be a hearing dog to help me with my little one Eryn. Dakota would cuddle with me at night both on the couch and in bed. She always woke me when one of the kids woke up. She was a complete sweetheart. she went all over the USA and was about to go overseas... I do not know when this lung thing started or how it happened. I am just mad that I couldn't spot it earlier. She acted like a active husky she always was, until she really struggled to breath. That is when I made the appt. and saw two vets in one day..

You guys all gave us a wonderful and loving dog. She was never a bother unless she escaped form the yard which happened like 3 times a year. She just ran around the neighborhood and came right back. everyone knew herein our housing unit. She was loved, adored by many. She was a wonderful addition to our family. My son is devastated as well as I. I am so blessed to have had her. I feel so lucky we got to have and give Dakota a wonderful life. She went to dog parks, traveled on top of planes and as well as below. (On top of planes meaning she would ride where I was) She would wait for me outside the bathroom while I was bathing, She loved to play with the children and Jack. She would sleep with me and have me chase her around the house. She loved her walks and going to the beach... She enjoyed New Mexico and exploring my in laws property... She likes My family's place on the lake. She was a joy. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her. She was my Baby Girl as I always called her.. I cannot even accept she is gone yet. I just miss her.

I just wanted to thank you for letting us have her. She really did have a great 5 years of her 6 years with us. I am sorry very sorry she is gone. I even told the vet she is to young, it isn't her time yet. she was only 6. The Vet understood and just let me cry..

I am sorry for bothering you but just wanted to inform you. I loved that sweet beautiful wonderful energetic dog. She will be greatly missed by the Fox Family as well as many friends, and other families she has met and just hung with..
Thank You for your time,


BEHR was one of the happiest things in my life besides of course my wife and daughters.

He was my always companion and parked his big oleí butt next to me in the office and cruised in and out throughout the day while I worked long hours. I spoiled him like we all did and his sudden passing hurts me so much that I canít even describe my feelings. Although he was only with us for two and a half years, he was so special to me since the first day I laid my eyes on him. When I went to Michaelís to get some frames for our race trailer, I saw him sitting in the portable cage in front of PETSMART. I looked at him square in the eyes and he jumped up on the edge of the portable cage with his big paws and I gave him lots of love. The Husky Camp said he had been to several homes and returned each time and at that moment I knew heíd fit in our family.

A few days after he joined our family he went with me in the off road prerunner truck for an off road adventure to the tip of the Baja Peninsula. He sat in a specially constructed area where the backseat was and jumped out off the leash at every stop running through the water on the beaches. About 100 miles outside La Paz we camped out in some heavy brush area on a mountain top to perform a radio test and I slept outside on a cot and while I was getting comfy on the cot he jumped up on the end of the cot and curled up at my feet and we went to sleep.

BEHR has all over Baja and kept me awake late into the night. When he didnít travel with me and I was gone heíd be standing wagging his tail at the front door no matter what time of day or night it was.

BEHR was an ever-so happy dog until the past few days when he seemed down in the dumps. I guess what hits me the hardest is that he didnít want to come in the house to sleep last night, we figured him being stubborn of sorts, but then this morning Mom saw him laying down against the back wall in the backyard, which was unusual for him. I got out there and his eyes were wide open but he was having hard time breathing. I petted his head and began to cry and his stomach convulsed twice and he said his goodbyes with his eyes. He made a whimper and Mom cried. Mom got the girls so they could say goodbye and about the time they hugged him and stood back for a minute he passed on.

One of the hardest things Iíve ever had to do was to drive his body to the OC Animal Control. As the young girl wheeled the cart out to the truck I lifted his lifeless body and placed him softly on the cart as Mom and I cried. She wheeled his body away and I pulled my hat over my eyes to hide my big weeping alligator tears flowing out of my eyes. I really intended and thought that BEHR would live in our lives for a very long time and ALASKA would leave us first.

One thing that touches me very closely is that itís almost like he fought throughout the night until we found him in the early morning and then he said goodbye to all of us. Some people say heís just a dog, but we all know that he was a very special part of our family that will always be remembered fondly. Not only did he touch my life deeply, but he was always a happy boy in our house of all girls.

I Love You and Miss you forever BEHR!


March 28, 2007
In loving memory of Meadow
We adopted Meadow in fall of 2002. We had another Husky that we had rescued and felt that he needed a companion. I was never really fond of dogs but Juneau was a good dog and needed a friend. We met Jon out at Petco in Rancho Cucamonga and he got Meadow off the bus. I went to her and she immediately rubbed up against my leg. Then she rolled over so I could rub her belly. This same thing occurred for over four years, every time she saw me. She made a dog lover out of me. Her loving disposition was something that you couldnít help but notice, along with her beautiful blue eyes and soft, fluffy fur. She left our world March 28, 2007 and is probably lying in heaven with her belly up, just waiting for someone to rub it!!  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to add her to our family. We were the lucky ones!
Sue, Johann, Erika & Tyler  


March 12, 2007
In loving memory of Phantom
Have you ever wondered who the adorable husky wearing a Santa hat is on the splash page of the Husky Camp website?  Here is his sweet story:

Phantom came into rescue because his owners took in another family member's dog that was about to have puppies. Phantom had been hit by a car when he was about 4 months old, and they never fixed this hip. So he always had a limp.

We tried to adopt him out but he didn't want to go.  He made friends with another dog here named Juneau. When it came time for us to place Phantom up for adoption, he went along to the events, but his heart wasn't really into it. We used to put Phantom up on a pillow on a table and he would sleep there the whole day. People would walk by and ask if he was sick or worse was he dead.

For fun I would ask if people had ever seen a snow globe. At which time I would take Phantom's back leg and start pumping it up and down. Phantom would raise his head, turn it toward the people, and open his eyes. I would stop pumping his leg and he would then close his eyes, turn his head, then lay it back down like nothing ever happened. Snow Globe.

I always said that I thought Juneau had told Phantom how to not get himself adopted. In later years it was told to me that Phantom and Juneau were old souls who had reunited here at Husky Camp. I can only hope that Juneau and Phantom are continuing their journey together again.

Husky Camp
Siberian Rescue

December 26, 2006
In loving memory of Kimo

Happy Holidays Chuck and Jon and all the beautiful huskies in your charge. We just wanted you to know that you and your charges are always close to our hearts and we visit your site regularly to catch up and covet all the wonderful dogs you have up for adoption. Maybe some day we'll be ready to take on a new husky challenge. This was our first Christmas without Kimo and he was on everyone's minds and in our hearts. Everyone shared a fond memory of Kimo on Christmas eve or told a story about him to the unfortunates who had never met him, including my mother who is by no means an animal nut like the rest of us. Chelsea got an ASPCA ornament with a picture of Kimo in it which she loved and which made our housekeeper cry. It won't only be displayed on Christmas however. She has it hanging on her vanity table where she can look at it everyday. I did even better, my assistant snuck a picture of Kimo I keep in the classroom out, copied it, and made me a tote with the picture on the front so he can go everywhere with me (this too made my housekeeper cry, she loved Kimo too and is very emotional on the subject). Kimo's ashes still reside in a beautiful cedar box over the television in the girl's sitting area and he will always be with us. He found his forever home when you matched us up that day so long ago. Thank-you again. 
Jill, Chelsea, and Nikki