Emergency Information

The following information has been compiled from various sources. Doing what is best for your dog in an emergency situation is your responsibility. Husky Camp advises that when you are in doubt about your pet's well-being--See your veterinarian. When selecting your vet, ask them what they have their patients do in the event of an after hours emergency. If they are not on call or are not part of a call group, ask them to refer you to a pet emergency hospital. These hospitals can be a godsend in a catastrophe. Most of them want payment up front, cash or credit card before they will treat your pet. I have listed as many area pet hospitals that are open during nights and weekends as I could find in the Orange County Phone Book. I have not used any of them and this listing is not a recommendation unless otherwise noted. There is also a wealth of information regarding poisons and what to do about them in this section.

Emergency Pet Hospitals-

All Care Animal Referral Center 866-286-9346 18440 Amistad Ftn. Valley

Central Orange County Emergency Animal Clinic 949-261-7979 3720 Campus Drive Newport Beach

Advanced Veterinary Specialty Group 949-653-9300 2965 Edinger Tustin

Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic 714-537-3032 Garden Grove or 562-690-2925 La Habra or 714-441-2925 Fullerton

Pet Hospital 3411 E. Chapman Orange 714-771-3261(has extended hours and emergency on call service for regular clients)

Inland Valley Emergency Vet Clinic 10 W 7th St. Upland 909-931-7871(used and recommended by Chuck Usle founder of Husky Camp)




To Lincoln and Gunnar with all of my love. Thank goodness that you both survived your ordeals, and may humans always know where to get information to help your brethren.

This section contains a TON of valuable information if your pet has been poisoned, if you think your pet has been poisoned or if you would like to go the extra mile and prevent poisoning pet accidentally.

The information here is provided to Husky Camp by the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center Click on the links below to access the PDF file which contains the topic you are interested in.

Basic pet poison safety tips

Poisonous plants


Lawn and Garden info

Winter hazards

Nontoxic plants