The snowless answer to sledding



I would not dream of talking about cart pulling without introducing THE EXTREME HUSKY. His name is Cody, he is the handsome fellow pictured to the left of your screen. Cody is 8 years old, and would rather pull than eat. He is a typical athlete--fed a high quality diet, given PLENTY OF WATER, good training, adequate rest and has a natural ability that makes him look like a living miracle. I have had the honor of being taken for a ride by this big blue eyed boy, and his co-pilot Frisbee.


Frisbee is a 9 year old Siberian, who is almost as passionate about pulling as Cody is. After all, he is the one who showed Cody  the ropes when they were pups. These two dogs are boon companions. Though Frisbee did not think he would survive Cody's puppyhood. That is another story though...


If you find that you have been bitten by the bug so to speak, you can find equipment here at



This is the view from the navigator's position when you go for a ride. Nothing can compare to the rush that you feel being a part of a machine that is powered by 160 pounds of muscle and sheer passion. I shall never be the same after being included in such a flight. Carting is like many other sports, you get to be part of the wind. Ride it and steer it, and to only a certain degree control it. The rest is trust. Trust between you and your team. They trust you to head them the right way, you trust them to carry you there. When the run is over, the dogs are given a little water, and taken on a long walk to stretch out their muscles so they do not bind up. Then back for more water, more praise and some cooling down.     



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