Scootering with your Husky




No snow?  No problem!!!

Siberian huskies were bred to run and pull sleds, working as a team with other dogs and their human musher.  Huskies are working dogs and can lead much more fulfilling lives and get the exercise they need and deserve if they are given a job, especially one that holds true to their genetics.

Enter the world of dog scootering, a fun-filled activity that is ideal for one or two huskies that allows them to get back to their roots and fulfill their need to run and pull.  All you need is a dog scooter (think of a cross between a mountain bike and skateboard), harnesses and a tugline (same type of gear used for dogsledding), one or two hyper huskies (aren’t they all?), and voila! --- you will find yourself taken for an exhilarating ride around your neighborhood or along dirt trails while your huskies charge ahead, triggering their instincts and satisfying their passion.

Dog scootering is even much more fun for your huskies when they get to run with other dog scooter teams.  Nothing gets them more pumped up and excited than running and chasing after other dog teams, especially along dirt trails where all the different sights and smells of the outdoors heighten their senses even more.  Some huskies can take you scootering while hitting speeds of 20 MPH or more, so be prepared to hang on and experience a thrilling ride!

So how can you find out more about dog scootering?  Southern California Working Snow Dogs ( is a discussion list for owners and their working dogs here in Southern California.  Their website is  Not only do they share their experiences and exchange ideas online but they also get together with other “urban mushers” for fun runs and other events geared towards dog-powered sports such as dog scootering, backpacking with your dog, weight-pulling, carting, running, and yes, even dogsledding.  Truly a great way to have a howling good time with your husky!

Now...where do I purchase a scooter?  Diggler scooters have been recognized as the ultimate dog scooter by professional sled dog racers, dog agility trainers, skijorers, obedience trainers, and everyday dog owners from all over the world.  Whether you just want to take the dog on a quick evening run around the neighborhood, or compete in the dog scooter championships, Diggler has the scooter for you!





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