Husky Camp Siberian Husky Rescue

Web Application

Because each Siberian Husky is special, as are you, we need to know a little about you to assure a good match:

1) Your name : 

2) Your e-mail address: 

3) Your phone number: 

4) What city do you live in: 

5) Are you looking for an outside dog, an outside inside dog, or an inside dog? 

6) Where will the dog be while you are at work? 

7) Will the dog have cover from rain and shade from the heat of the sun? Please state what, if so:

8) How long will the dog be alone each day? 

9) Where will the dog sleep at night time? 

10) Do you currently have any other animals? If so, what kind, and what sex? Have they ever lived with a dog before?

11) Do you live in a house, town house, or apartment? 

12) Do you rent or own your own home? 

13) Do you have any children? If so, what ages?

14) How tall are your surrounding fences, and what is it made out of?

15) Are you planning to teach your new pet basic obedience or take them to a class? Please state which one.

16) Whether moving, switching jobs, getting married, having children etc., will your dog be a part of your family and move down each road with you? Are you prepared to own this dog for the rest of its life (10-14 years)?

17) Are you willing to have a home check? 

18) What is it about Siberian Huskies that made you decide to add one to your life?

19) Have you ever owned a dog before? If so what breeds?

20) There is a clause in our contract that states that if at any time you can not keep or care for the dog it must be returned to us, and not resold, re-homed, returned to a shelter, given away etc. Do you agree to this?

21) Do you currently have a veterinarian you use?

  • Name: 
  • Clinic name: 
  • Address: 
  • Phone: 

22) Who in your family will be primarily responsible for:
  • Daily care of dog? 
  • Clean-up? 
  • Training? 
  • Exercise? 
  • Grooming? 
23) Which dog(s) are you interested in adopting?